Influencing With Assertive Communication

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HRDQ One-Day Workshop Series

Although we may not be aware of it, we communicate with the goal of influencing other people on a regular basis. From the simplest task of resolving a small misunderstanding with a colleague to the monumental task of negotiating the terms of a deal with a new client, we utilize a variety of communication strategies aimed at influencing others. These strategies are expressed through our choice of verbal and nonverbal behaviors.

Through Influencing With Assertive Communication, individuals learn what it takes to express themselves directly and honestly while acknowledging and respecting the rights of others. With the new knowledge of the benefits of assertive communication and increased confidence in their abilities, participants are prepared to apply their influencing skills to workplace situations.

How It Works

Every day we communicate with the goal of influencing others. Amidst a gamut of situations, we use a variety of communication strategies to help achieve that influence – expressed through our choice of verbal and nonverbal behaviors.

Influencing with Assertive Communication is designed to raise participants’ awareness of how they use verbal and nonverbal behaviors to influence others and help them identify which behaviors are more or less effective. Through a variety of self-assessments, group discussions, and skill practice activities, participants have the opportunity to experience the benefits of using assertive communication strategies.

Uses and Applications

The purpose of the Influencing with Assertive Communication program is to improve each participant’s ability to positively influence others in the workplace. They will be introduced to a variety of influence styles and learn why an assertive style is the most effective.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge to:

  • Recognize the four styles of influence
  • Understand style benefits and drawbacks
  • Identify personal influence style
  • Learn why an assertive communication style is most effective
  • Discover a process to build stronger professional relationships

Product Details

Product Type: Complete Training Program. The Facilitator Guide is designed as a detailed resource binder used by the trainer to deepen participants’ understanding of the concepts throughout this workshop.

Target Audience: Individuals with an understanding of basic communication skills

Measures: Participants ability to positively influence others in the workplace.

Dimensions: Assertiveness and communication.

Time Required: 1 day or 2 half-days.

What to Order

Facilitator Kit: Order One Kit Per Trainer.

This detailed, step-by-step kit for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience gives you everything needed to facilitate a full day workshop. Background information, assessment instructions, scripts, discussion questions, activities, and samples of the assessment are included. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Participant Guide: Order One Guide Per Participant.

The Participant Guide includes the workshop scenario, pressure-sensitive scoring, background information, team worksheets, and action planning.

About the Authors

Kate Wartchow Earle is the chief learning offer at Quiet Revolution.

Deb Topka is a senior business and learning professional with 20 years of experience in organizational dynamics and instructional systems.

The HRDQ Development Team creates soft-skills learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. At HRDQ, we believe an experiential approach is the best catalyst for adult learning. Our unique Experiential Learning Model has been the core of what we do for more than 40 years. Combining the best of organizational learning theory and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for adult learning styles, our philosophy initiates and inspires lasting change.