It's OKAY to be the BOSS with Bruce Tulgan - DVD (DS)

It's OKAY to be the BOSS with Bruce Tulgan - DVD (DS)
It's OKAY to be the BOSS with Bruce Tulgan
Program length: 27:00

“Follow any problem in business - bad service, missed deadlines, soggy fries, whatever. Everything is somebody’s job and everyone has a boss. EVERYTHING leads back to the boss.” 
-- Bruce Tulgan

In an era in which so much of the business teachings are focused solely on leadership, Bruce Tulgan makes it safe again to be a hands-on manager. It's OKAY to be the BOSS presents a clear plan to become the manager who will help your team thrive." 

-Mike Archer, President, Applebee's

It has never been more difficult to be a manager. The pressure to increase productivity and profits by doing more with less, while trying to corral a new high maintenance workforce that brings its own set of expectations and demands, has never been greater. All of this has led bestselling author and management consultant, Bruce Tulgan, to declare the days of “hands-off” management officially over.

It's OKAY to be the BOSS is a humorous, highly entertaining call to action for managers, supervisors, and leaders. Based on Tulgan's best-selling book, this motivational video dispels the 7 myths that have created the current under-management epidemic at all levels of business.

  1. The myth of EMPOWERMENT
  2. The myth of FAIRNESS
  3. The myth of the JERK BOSS
  5. The myth of the NATURAL LEADER
  6. The myth of the HR POLICE
  7. The myth of TIME

Tulgan challenges managers everywhere to give up their “hands-off = empowerment” style of managing and to re-engage with their employees by spelling out expectations, providing specific guidelines, correcting failure quickly and rewarding success even more quickly.

It's OKAY to be the BOSS provides leaders and managers a step-by-step guide back to being the boss their employees appreciate and deserve.

  1. Make TIME to talk about the Work - have lots of small conversations about the work to be done.
  2. Talk like a COACH - use descriptive language.
  3. Make ACCOUNTABILITY a Process, not a Slogan -employees thrive when accountability is consistent and documented.
  4. Deal with LOW PERFORMERS - 4 critical reasons why you must deal with low performers.

Languages: English