MANAGER MOMENTS: How To Excel in Tricky Situations - DVD (DS)

MANAGER MOMENTS: How To Excel in Tricky Situations
Program length: 34 minutes. 
When you're a manager, you work with people every day to encourage their best performance. It's your job to keep your team strong, motivated, and productive. Simple to say, but not so simple to do, right? Managing people is challenging - very challenging. This management series of 5 How To Videos offers quick and practical tips to help you in this often daunting task.
As a manager, recognizing a potentially troublesome employee situation, then quickly taking action is key to keeping your team motivated and running smoothly. The problem is, that takes time, and as a manager, you have a lot on your plate already.
The Manager Moments series is designed to deliver short blasts of practical wisdom to busy professionals on everyday management challenges. Related topics are grouped into bite-sized programs which engage viewers with well-acted real world role-plays. An amiable host helps reinforces the learning takeaways with memorable graphics throughout, as well as a closing with a quick review.
This Series of 5 Manager Moments videos includes:
How to Curb Employee Gossip - 7:05 minutes
Sometimes gossip is unintentional, and people really don't know that what they are saying is gossip. Sometimes it's malicious, and people know exactly what they are doing. Either way – It's deadly to the unity and morale of a team and It's up to you as a manager to stop it. How to Succeed in Tricky Situations offers practical, efficient tips to help you address and stop gossip within your team.
How to Deal with Difficult Peers - 7:40 minutes
In your personal life, you can avoid someone who really irritates you. You can walk away or choose not to spend time with that person. But in the workplace, it's not that easy. You can't getaway. You still need to work with that person. So what can you do? How to Deal with Difficult Peers presents practical ways to deal with difficult personalities that will benefit both you and your team as you coach them through similar situations with challenging co-workers.
How to Manage Upward - 6:45 minutes
Every boss has a different style and is human just like you with strengths and weaknesses. But sometimes their weaknesses create a barrier for you to be as successful as you know you could be. How can you help your people and yourself when the challenge you are facing is your boss? Good question! How to Manage Upward takes a look at the three principles that will help you in this difficult situation.
How to Manage Time Thieves - 7:20 minutes
We've all had days when we leave work wondering how we could have worked for eight hours straight and still not accomplished the task we had in mind when we walked in that morning. It's a common frustration that has nothing to do with motivation, work ethic, or company loyalty. It has to do with time – and how we manage, or don't manage, those things that take away our time.
How and When to Delegate - 6:15 minutes
Let's face it. You're busy. Really busy. It's up to you to manage a group of people to accomplish a myriad of things that you are ultimately responsible for but couldn't possibly do on your own. That's where delegation comes in. This program will give you the tools you need to make the right delegation decisions to ease your busy schedule, and help your employees grow.