Managing Diversity - DVD (DS)

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Managing Diversity
Program Length: 22 minutes.
The workplace has changed, reflecting the increasing diversity of our communities. With these changes come new challenges. This thought-provoking video addresses: 
  • How cultural influences impact the workplace
  • Thruths behind diversity misconceptions
  • How to Capitalize on cultural strengths

Managing Diversity reveals a wide range of human perspectives on such issues as power, authority, communication and performance. It is designed to help leaders better understand the cause and effect of varying viewpoints and to inspire open-mindedness and a willingness to learn from those with diverse backgrounds. 

By dramatizing problems and solutions in several scenarios involving differences in gender, race, and ethnicity, Managing Diversity depicts the attitudes and techniques needed to build a workplace based on respect and tolerance. Viewers learn concrete strategies for clearer communication, more productive relationships and stronger teamwork.

This film is available in English.