Managing Stress - DVD (DS)

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Managing Stress 
Program Length: 25 minutes.
Train your employees how to identify the sources of stress, as well as techniques on how to improve their coping capabilities. They will learn how to reduce the workplace stressors that surround them every day.

Through research-based information on work-related stress, this training program helps viewers become more aware of alternative means of coping with tension-inducing events. Managing Stress shows how people are particularly vulnerable to feelings of stress in today's workplace, especially if they're in positions which carry more responsibility than authority, or if they're in a working environment that lacks a climate of support.

After illustrating various work situations that can produce stress, Managing Stress also examines how stress may be caused by our own personalities or individual anxieties. The video offers current, positive approaches we can take to alleviate such anxiety.

Additional tips are provided for managers focusing on what they can do to lessen stress for themselves and their teams.
Languages: English and Chinese Simplified (subtitled).