Moment of Truth - DVD (DS)

Moment of Truth - DVD (DS)
Moment of Truth Video
Program length: 22 minutes.
Our choices today determine who we will be tomorrow. Life doesn't come with a pause button and ethical dilemmas demand instant clarity. Moment of Truth will help your organization promote a culture of honesty and ethical behavior. It features realistic settings, from employee theft to false financial reporting and provides employees with four practical questions they can apply to any ethical dilemma.
The Moment of Truth training package addresses this problem head-on by giving employees a practical guide for making better decisions. By focusing on six different ethical dilemmas, the training demonstrates that no matter where the pressure is coming from -- a superior, a coworker, a friend, or even a family member -- anyone can make good decisions by using these four questions to find clarity during their moment of truth:
  • Is it the Truth
  • Is it Fair to All
  • Is it Free from Harm
  • Am I Proud to do it
If you're looking for a way to motivate your team to make better choices and to give them the way to combat the pressure of the moment, this package is for you. It's a sure-fire way to help viewers think through their actions when They're caught in the midst of an ethical dilemma, in a moment of truth.

Bonus Materials:

Voices of Truth Meeting Opener - 4:00 minutes

This beautiful meeting opener features engaging quotes from philosophers, historians, and world-famous leaders accompanied by an original score. It's a perfect way to set the mood for your meeting on ethics.