Not Everyone Gets a Trophy with Bruce Tulgan - DVD (DS)

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy with Bruce Tulgan - DVD (DS)
NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY with Bruce Tulgan, is a wise and humorous look at the challenges of training and managing the newest generation of employees.
Program length: 29:00


How do you manage a generation of employees who show up with their own agenda and expect to be rewarded despite their performance or experience?
How do you train new employees who don't believe in doing the grunt work, paying their dues, waiting their turn or working on Thursdays?
If you think the current economy has solved the problems of managing this young high maintenance generation of employees, think again. Right now they make up close to 25 percent of the workforce and there are plenty more on their way. They are the FUTURE of your business. With the right tools you can turn them into SUPERSTAR PERFORMERS.
Recognized as one of the world's leading experts on young people in the workforce, Bruce Tulgan, presents a decade of research on what he calls "The most high maintenance workforce in history." This dynamic program is packed with laughter, stories and practical examples of techniques that any manager can use to transform these young employees into "The highest performing workforce in history."
To help your youngest employees earn their trophies, you'll learn how t
  • Unbundle complex roles
  • Be a strong, highly engaged manager
  • Take them seriously and help them succeed
  • Spell out your structure and boundaries
  • Negotiate performance for small rewards
  • Tell them how to earn what they want