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People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

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Did you know...

  • 95% of the measured behaviors producing leadership effectiveness are related to emotional intelligence
  • The single most significant factor in overall personal happiness is the quality of relationships enhanced through emotional intelligence
  • Every study examining team effectiveness or high performing group finds that emotional intelligence is the difference between efficiency and failure
  • 90% of those who have higher emotional intelligence advance in their careers and have more opportunities

Performance, career opportunities, well-being, and satisfying relationships are enhanced through emotional intelligence. Master the 54 EQ competencies using the action tips and learning resources that target the behaviors that matter in the People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence.

Uses and Applications

Part I provides you with a deep understanding of people's skills and how to put the ideas into your action plan.

Part II covers the 54 EQ competencies and is complete with definitions, action tips, and learning resources.

Part III gives you specific Toolboxes to help you apply the 54 EQ competencies.

Learning Outcomes

From the People Skills Handbook you gain:

  • Specific know-how to improve your emotional intelligence
  • Action tips on the areas you most need to develop
  • Resource suggestions to take you to a deeper understanding
  • Learning activities to integrate your EQ insights into your daily habits
  • Applications for using the EQ competencies in all areas of life


Pamela Corbett MA, Catherine Jourdan MAEd, Roger Pearman EdD, and Judy Aanstad Ph.D.