Pigeon Holed In the Land of Penguins - DVD (DS)

Pigeon Holed In the Land of Penguins
Program Length: 10 minutes.
We "pigeon-hole" others when we overlook abilities, talents, personalities, and backgrounds only to replace them with stereotypes. Also, we “pigeon-hole” ourselves when we deny new experiences, avoid change or dodge challenging opportunities, limiting our untapped potential.

This video program tackles the tough subject of stereotyping in a delightful way by looking at some different "birds" in the workplace. As the story unfolds, team members learn to recognize pigeon-holing, understand its high cost, and how to change the pattern. 
Pigeonholed in the Land of Penguins promises to:

  • Show how stereotyping hurts individuals and the organization
  • Break down old paradigms of who is best suited for the job
  • Bring out everyone's best by helping them to think outside the box

Trainees further see that by tapping into the full creativity of everyone on the team, they open themselves up to significant breakthroughs in innovation, productivity, and effectiveness.
Though animated, this training tool is no flight of fancy. It's a critical component of training in today's changing workplace. Workgroups, committees, and executive teams will benefit from this video, as will any group interested in mobilizing the talents of all its members.
Languages: English, Mandarin (dubbed), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), and Chinese Traditional (subtitled).