Power Of Listening - DVD (DS)

Power Of Listening
Program Length: 23 minutes.

In organizations, a significant number of errors are caused by information that does not get properly conveyed or understood due to poor listening. This training video:

  • Shows how to listen effectively
  • Reduces miscommunications
  • Builds interpersonal skills

Despite advances in technology, listening remains a very human process. The Power of Listening training video explains that true listening requires that individuals make the conscious choice to listen well and that they exercise both skill and effort. 
Through a combination of drama, animation and expert commentary from Dr. Tony Alessandra, the Power of Listening training program presents the following information:

  • Why most people are not good listeners
  • Major impediments to effective listening
  • Listening as an active skill
  • Why listening is a powerful tool
  • How listening differs from reading
  • Eliminating costly mistakes through effective listening

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed), Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), and Chinese Traditional (subtitled).