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If your organization has pain points around performance management but you aren’t able to change systems or software, Remarkable Performance Development will allow you to make the tools and forms you already use actually work.

This training program helps leaders learn how to make a significant and vital change within the confines of existing systems, offering ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results. You’ll be able to take the discussion from fixing what’s wrong to a more forward-looking, constructive way to improve performance and develop people.

How It Works

Performance management tools in many organizations are often complained about and met with apathy, cynicism, or even disdain. While there are lots of firms that want to sell you a new system, tools, or assessment criteria to fix these problems, they won’t get at the root causes of the frustrations people have with performance management.

The Remarkable Performance Development training program can help leaders do performance management well. Using straight-forward language and simple tools, this training will give your leaders the skills they need and the confidence to use them – so that performance improves in your organization.

Remarkable Performance Development is the foundation for changing the mindset, language, and, most importantly, behaviors of leaders so that real performance development can occur – no matter what your current or future performance management process might be. The tools and techniques provided in this workshop allows leaders to make significant and meaningful change in current processes, offering ways to implement a proven and reliable method for ongoing, improved performance that has real results.>

Uses and Applications

Remarkable Performance Development is designed to help individuals modify or enhance the current performance management process at their organization to help the company get its desired results, while helping employees achieve their fullest potential. This program gives leaders the tools and approaches to achieve these valuable outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning experience, participants will:

  • Apply a more productive mindset to traditional “performance management”
  • Identify and set goals and measurements of performance that matter
  • Create greater ownership of work
  • Conduct productive discussions that use the past as context but focus on the present and future
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Enhance employee productivity

Product Details

Product Type: Workshop

Target Audience: Managers, leaders, supervisors, and those responsible for conducting performance reviews

Measures: The required foundation for changing the mindset, language, and behaviors of leaders so that real performance development can occur for team members

Dimensions: Communication skills, leadership skills, managements skills, assertiveness, and training skills

Time Required: Workshop: 4.5 hours

What to Order

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

The Facilitator Guide includes a sample workbook, a learning overview, theory background, and FAQs. Facilitator support materials will be available to you as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Workbook 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Workbook deepens participants’ understanding of the concepts and ideas in the workshop and allows each participant to practice the skills being learned.

About the Authors

Kevin Eikenberry is the chief potential officer of The Eikenberry Group, a learning and consulting company that provides a wide range of services, including training delivery and design, facilitation, leadership coaching, organizational consulting, and speaking services. His expertise includes leadership, teams, and facilitation. Mr. Eikenberry has worked with many major organizations such as Chevron, John Deere, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition, he is the author of many books, including Vantage points on Learning and Life" and #LeadershipTweet: 140 Bite-Sized Ideas to Help You Become the Leader You Were Born to Be.

Steve Johnston has more than 27 years of experience as a corporate HR executive. He founded Your Infinite Possibilities, LLC, and he is an executive coach. He has a earned a BS in natural resources from the Ohio State University and an M.Ed. from the University of Cincinnati.