Reproducible Training Library Complete Collection (RTL)

Reproducible Training Library (Business License for <5k employees)
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Choosing the correct license

All licenses are one (1) year term from date of purchase. At the term's end you must either renew license or discontinue all use of the content. Please read the RTL End-User Agreement (opens new tab) before purchase. Contact us if you have any questions.

Business - For unlimited use within an organization employing less than 5,000 people at one or more direct operating locations. EULA does not permit use outside the organization, e.g. partners, distributors and consultants.

Corporate - For unlimited use within an organization and its subsidiaries employing 5,001-10,000 people across the entire organization. EULA does not permit training outside the organization, e.g. partners, distributors and consultants.

Enterprise - For unlimited use within a top-level organization, its subsidiaries, partners, and distributors employing more than 10,000 people across the enterprise. EULA permits training of all legally connected entities.

The HRDQ Reproducible Training Library (RTL) Complete Collection is a comprehensive library of 300+ hours of soft-skills training provided in 80 different programs on leadership, team building, communication, conflict, and many other topics. It's a complete, research-based content library that is also fully customizable, so you can add your company-specific content, use your logo or team name, shorten or lengthen the content, arrange titles into a curriculum - the possibilities for making it your own are endless. Watch the demo and see it in action.

Here's why you want the Library:

  • Quality Content - Research-based content provides a reliable, learning-rich experience.
  • Completely Customizable - Edit the materials in any way you like or use them right out of the box.
  • In-Demand Topics - Choose the training topics you need - communication, leadership, team building, negotiating, and more.
  • Unlimited Use - Reprint and reuse as often as you like within your yearly plan.
  • Get it Now! - The library is available for immediate download after purchase.

Downloadable Content

Note: The RTL Complete Collection download is furnished as a single, compressed .zip file up to 2GB in size. This download may take 30+ minutes based on the speed of your connection. Please allow sufficient time to download the full file. We do not recommend downloading this file to a mobile device.