Social Media at Work DVD


Social media is everywhere — especially our workplaces. While it serves as useful business purposes, it can also open the door to:

  • Hackers and viruses
  • Rumors or abusive comments
  • Public relations nightmares
  • Lapses in productivity

Social Media at Work is an award-winning video alerting your employees of online hazards. It shows them how to use social media wisely and appropriately while at work.

Scenes filmed on location in a variety of industries shows:

  • How a receptionist's computer gets hacked
  • What happens when a waiter posts a photo from behind-the-scenes
  • How trade secrets are released before a new product launch
  • What to do if an office worker snipes at a coworker through social media
  • How text messages can be used to pursue an unwelcome romantic interest
  • How social networking creates more work
  • How social media creates resentment amongst employees

Run time: 14 minutes.