Speaking Effectively To One Or One Thousand - DVD (DS)

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Speaking Effectively To One Or One Thousand
Program Length: 24 minutes.

Public speaking is a very desired skill in today's workplace, yet most people don't consider themselves to be good at it or even enjoy it. This entertaining program gives practical advice on how to deliver a compelling message to a group of any size. 

  • Addresses public speaking fears
  • Develops confident speakers
  • Helps people communicate more effectively

In a recent study, 3,000 people were asked what struck fear in them the most. Some answers were predictable; heights, bugs, dying. The number one answer, however, was "public speaking." Speaking Effectively to One or One Thousand entertains with humor, offers practical advice, and gives viewers the skills necessary for confident communication with audiences of one or thousands.
Host Steve Landesberg and a team of actors show the most common ways speakers can botch a presentation. Then they show the four main components of effective speaking for an audience of any size: Mental Effectiveness, Visual Effectiveness, Vocal Effectiveness, and Verbal Effectiveness.

Participants will learn:

  • What causes public-speaking fear and how to avoid it
  • The roles of appearance and body language
  • How to most effectively communicate their message
  • Confidence-building techniques

Languages: English, Spanish (subtitled), Cantonese (dubbed), Mandarin (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled), French (dubbed), German (subtitled), Italian (subtitled)