Stress Is A Gift - DVD (DS)

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Stress Is A Gift
Program Length: Four minutes.

Can stress really benefit us? This meeting opener makes the case that it can. The program helps viewers recognize that stress and adversity do make us stronger, but leaves open for discussion the question of how much stress is good for us.

  • Demonstrates that stress can serve a purpose
  • Sparks discussion on stress and its manifestations
  • Helps people face adversity in everyday work life

This short program will change the way you think about the challenges of work -- and life. It vividly illustrates that nature intends for living things to face adversity from time to time and that stress can serve an important purpose.

The video takes you inside the Biosphere project, a glass-walled dome in the Arizona desert where scientists monitored dozens of varieties of plants and animals. They discovered that without the stress of occasional winds, sturdy Acacia trees failed to develop the specialized bark necessary to grow strong.

Participants are left to ponder their own stress patterns.

  • Do they avoid challenges, thereby missing out on chances to learn and grow
  • Do they put themselves in situations where there is excessive stress
  • Or, do they feel they have achieved a healthy balance

This video is available in English.