Supervisor Toolkit - DVD (DS)

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Supervisor Toolkit
Program Length: 82 minutes.
This Toolkit helps you build effective training interventions by providing 90 different video clips on a variety of supervisory and management issues. You match the clips to the situation at hand. Covering eight supervisory topics, this kit helps you create your own custom training solutions!
Designed for maximum flexibility, The Supervisor Toolkit provides you with high-quality video vignettes that you can easily incorporate into your own custom training courses. Each vignette/clip runs anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes and depicts a common workplace interaction involving a supervisor and, usually, a subordinate. Suggestions are provided in the Leader's Guide for using the clips to draw out specific lessons on supervision. 

The 90 clips in the Toolkit are organized into these 8 supervisory skill categories:

  • Hiring and building your team
  • Planning, prioritizing, and delegating tasks
  • Coaching and training
  • Motivating, encouraging and giving positive feedback
  • Building trust and showing respect
  • Handling conflict
  • Performance appraisals
  • Discipline and giving constructive feedback
Each clip is provided in two formats:
  • With narration and onscreen graphics to set up the scene
  • Without any set-up narration and graphics
The Leader's Guide contains direction for using each clip:
  • Suggested training applications
  • Background information relevant to the clip
  • Suggested discussion questions along with possible responses
  • Key points to draw from the clip
  • Suggestions for using the clip in conjunction with other clips in the Toolkit
Languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled).