Taking Charge Of Change - DVD (DS)

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Taking Charge Of Change
Duration: 18:00 minutes.

Teach employees the skills necessary to understand and support change initiatives. When people recognize and address the internal transitions associated with change, they are better able to manage their responses. They will learn where they stand at each stage:

  • Endings
  • Neutral Zone
  • Beginnings

Using William Bridges' 3-stage model, Taking Charge of Change, Revised Edition features vignettes in a variety of industries - manufacturing, general business, healthcare, government and education, and contains many "how-to" applications than the original.

Stunning visual images feature a rookie skydiver making his first solo jump - a powerful metaphor for the leap we take into the unknown each time we experience a change in our own work lives.

Participants learn strategies for moving through the three stages of change, including:

  • Differentiate between "change" and "transition"
  • Discover the three stages of change (Endings, Neutral Zone, Beginnings)
  • Identify which of the three stages of change is more difficult for them and why
  • Learn the causes or conditions around a change that can influence one's needs through the transition that follows it
  • Understand how and why each person may experience transition stages differently
  • Recognize the role of communication (within teams, between teams, and between management levels) in the transition process

The vignettes provide a realistic look at the types of changes we experience in our work lives, and the steps we can take to help manage our response to those changes. Just as the skydiver lands successfully, participants will see change as an exciting opportunity for growth.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), German (subtitled).