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The Great Workplace

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"Great" workplaces exist when employees trust the organization implicitly, take pride in what they do, and are inspired to achieve superior performance. However, this requires a different breed of leaders knowing how to instill and reinforce these beliefs in every communication, decision, and interaction. It requires leaders who realize their actions make a world of difference to their employees.

The Great Workplace is an extensive training workshop designed to increase employee productivity and boost performance. Based on more than 25 years of research, this training package is packed with accessible and indispensable ideas, inspiration, and actionable plans for creating great workplaces.

How It Works

The Great Workplace provides a flexible full-day learning session, which includes an interactive mix of a self-assessment, small group exercises, case studies, and an extensive group discussion. Comprehensive facilitator materials make introducing, guiding, and closing each step of the session a breeze.

Uses and Applications

Perfect as either a standalone training session or an addition to your previous training programs, use The Great Workplace to:

  • Identify opportunities and generate ideas for making realistic changes
  • Acquire a framework and the tools to make a positive impact
  • Develop an understanding of the vital role managers play in building a great workplace

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Discover how to describe and implement an ideal workplace
  • Learn how to deal with dishonest coworkers, customers, and vendors
  • Understand how to identify and resolve typical workplace dilemmas
  • Recognize and solve common excuses for unethical behavior
  • Uncover how to implement ethics guidelines and policies in your organization

Product Details

Product Type: Assessment and workshop

Target Audience:Managers and supervisors

Measures: A team leader's ability to build trust and spark productivity among staff

Dimensions: Trust, communication, and leadership skills

Time Required: One workday

What to Order

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

The Facilitator Guide includes background information, administrative guidelines, step-by-step workshop outline, and sample participant materials. Facilitator materials will be available as a digital download link in your order confirmation.

Workbook 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Workbook serves as a comprehensive takeaway and includes critical content, worksheets, and forms used during the workshop.

Paper Assessment 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Paper Assessment is ideal for facilitators who prefer to oversee scoring and administration of the assessment. It provides pressure-sensitive forms for manual scoring.

Companion Book: Order One Companion Book Per Trainer.

This companion book is designed to support the workshop and contains in-depth information regarding The Great Workplace.

Wallet Card Set: Order One Set for Up to Five Participants.

The Wallet Card serves as a reminder for participants that outlines the key takeaways from the workshop.

About the Authors

Jennifer Robin is a management faculty member at the Foster College of Business at Bradley University. She teaches in undergraduate, MBA, and executive programs in the areas of leadership, organizational culture, and strategic human resources management.

Michael Burchell, Ed.D., is the Vice President of Global Business Development at the Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. A member of the corporate team, Michael oversees the business development of multinational clients across the affiliate network and supports affiliate growth and development worldwide.