Verbal Communication: The Power Of Words - DVD (DS)

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Verbal Communication: The Power Of Words 
Duration: 22 minutes.
Anyone who interacts with others can benefit from being more precise in their day-to-day communication. This program explores the importance of language in our work-lives and provides strategies for making sure communication is clear and direct so that listeners receive information accurately.
Poor communication can create chaos in the workplace. That point is clearly illustrated in this award-winning program which introduces viewers to the five critical elements of successful verbal communication.

Verbal Communication: The Power of Words shows how to be an effective communicator, reduces disconnections between management and employee, and improves overall performance and productivity.
Participants will learn to:

  • Be a responsible speaker
  • Choose clear language
  • Choose the right environment
  • Be a receptive listener
  • Practice feedback

Languages: English, Cantonese (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Mandarin (dubbed), Chinese Simplified (subtitled).