We're On The Same Team, Remember? - DVD (DS)

We're On The Same Team, Remember?
Duration: 20 minutes.
What can a mere 20 minutes of video do to help people take a hard look at their own performance, operate as team players, and understand the importance of satisfying customers? ...Plenty! Known for its ability to spark lively discussion, see how a well-meaning organization loses a critical sale due to a series of errors and miscommunications.
When it comes to portraying a positive and professional image to customers, a company is only as strong as its weakest team member. The humorous We're on the Same Team, Remember? training video illustrates the all too familiar disaster that can happen when communications break down and expectations are left unclear.

In fact, no video training program has ever done so much for so many organizations. The story and training points dramatize how much can be lost when team members are careless, don't pull together and don't put the customer's real needs first. As the all-too-familiar drama unfolds, participants see how listening to clients' needs and expectations, clarifying inter- and intra-departmental tasks when servicing the customer, and being available and responsive are all crucial to keeping customers from going elsewhere.

Key Learning Points:

  • Shows why teamwork is crucial to organizational success
  • Reduces miscommunications, especially in business-to-business relationships
  • Enables organizations to provide better service overall

The ending of the story is left open-ended so that viewers' imaginations are challenged and the group can be left to discuss:

  • Why efficient teamwork has everything to do with customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, and company survival
  • Why every employee in every department must focus on the needs of the customer--no matter who they are

Languages: English, Spanish (dubbed or subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Portuguese (subtitled).