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Who's First Wireless Game Buzzer System

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Who's First? Wireless Game Buzzer System w/ Light Tower & USB port & Randomizer

Add gameshow excitement to your classroom with this snazzy, updated model of the Who's First? 6-TEAM classroom gameshow light and buzzer system!

NEW & IMPROVED... with USB interface and random selector!

Who's First? is a stand-alone "buzz-in" game show buzzer system that will add excitement and real time technology to any fast-action Q&A game. The system identifies first and second place respondents with snazzy lights, a loud buzzer (which can be turned off, if desired), and 6 color-coded touch pads that announce who came in first -- and second!

The team buttons are large enough to cater to team play and foster camaraderie. The 6-team Light Tower measures 19" H (Base is 8" diameter) and weighs just 3 lbs. Who's First? operates through radio frequency signals; touch pads can be placed as far as 80 feet from the light unit. No software required!

We've also added a random team selection function so that, when needed, you can choose who gets to answer next, rather than asking for for participants to buzz in.


  • 1 main tower with 6 colored lights
  • 6 wireless colored touch pads (3.5" dia. x 1" h)
  • 6 coin-type CR2032 batteries
  • 1 wireless reset touch pad
  • Backpack Carry Case
  • AC adapter (Class 2 power supply, 120VAC 60Hz 24W, 9VDC)
  • USB cable