Working With You Is Killing Me - DVD (DS)

Working With You Is Killing Me
Duration: 23 minutes.
We've all worked with someone who makes work impossible. But it doesn't have to be that way. From chronic complainers to idea-stealers, boundary pushers to just plain jerks, a toxic co-worker can ruin your day -- and your life! This powerful program teaches employees and managers on how to tame a toxic co-worker by setting boundaries.

Everyone -- including the lucky few who’ve never had to work with a difficult person -- will benefit from this program. It brilliantly portrays how employees on any career path and at any level of an organization can be undone by a problem co-worker. The amount of time spent worrying, avoiding, raging, and obsessing over toxic employees can affect performance on the job and peace at home.

With authors of the national best-selling book, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster as hosts, this training provides the antidote, showing exactly how to take responsibility for addressing the problem and put a stop to it all. It shows employees how to “unhook” from difficult situations in four simple ways: Physically, Mentally, Verbally and With a Business Tool (memo, email, log, etc.).

Participants will learn to:

  • Examine how their own reactions can enable the situation
  • Internalize a series of proven responses to problem behavior
  • Deal with difficult co-workers through mutual cooperation
  • Reduce stress-related issues arising from work relationships
  • Improve interpersonal relations and understanding of boundaries
  • Reinforce the message if the problem behavior returns

Languages: English.