Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs DVD - Manager Version

Workplace Violence: The Early Warning Signs DVD - Manager Version

This bestselling workplace violence video helps managers fulfill their responsibilities and react appropriately if they recognize the warning signs of an internal threat to their workplace.

This dramatic video is narrated by Stephen G. White, PhD, President of Work Trauma Services and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Over the past twenty years, Dr. White has consulted on thousands of threat cases for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations of all sizes, both public and private. Based on this experience, he shares facts about workplace violence that can help you identify risks of violence in your workplace.

The manager version and its accompanying study guide offer additional content for managers and supervisors, such as how to hold information-gathering meetings, confront a bad actor, or terminate a problem employee.

Managers are strongly encouraged to get support—from HR, security or other designated resources—if they feel uncomfortable or if there is any possibility of a violent reaction.

Training Video Run Time: 24 Minutes