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Creativity & Innovation Training Materials

Creativity is a skill that everyone has to some degree. Truly creative people think of valuable and practical ways of doing things, and they solve problems on a regular basis by employing creative thought. That is the kind of creativity that is exceedingly helpful in business and an incredible transferable skill for anyone who can master it.

HRDQ has the creativity and innovation training courses and tools you need to help individuals identify their creative talents, develop team creativity, and improve organizational innovation.

Featured Products

Breakthrough Creativity Profile is a comprehensive profile providing individuals with an in-depth understanding of their creative talents as well as the associated strengths and challenges.


Junkyard Games is a fast-paced, team-based interactive game that improves the effectiveness of team and individual innovation skills, combining energy and fun with creativity and process improvement.


From Creativity to Innovation helps people realize the common myths and misconceptions about innovation, understand how to apply creativity to any problem or issue, and discover how to use multiple intelligences to generate ideas.

More about Creativity & Innovation
Why Foster Creativity in the Workplace?

Being creative in the workplace has many benefits. Everyone has creativity inside them, and unlocking it will allow them to think outside the box in tough work situations. Companies that integrate creativity into their workplace achieve significant benefits like better team performance, increased flexibility, greater retention rates, creative problem solving and more strategic decision making. A creativity training course can be a great way to foster innovation in the workplace. Find all the training materials you need at HRDQ, or contact us for assistance putting powerful course together.

Understanding Creative Talents

Learning about the different types of creativity and knowing which aspects you possess will allow you to work more efficiently with your colleagues and develop your own creative skills. There are two important categories of creative talents in the workplace: data collecting talents and decision-making talents. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Data Collecting Creative Talents
  • Adventurer. Adventurers are spontaneous, flexible, curious, and fun-loving. They find skillful ways to get around obstacles and is ready to act. They ask practical questions and are experimental, opportunistic, improvisational.
  • Navigator. Navigators are careful, thoughtful, and private. They fine-tune and builds on what others have done. They have a methodical, incremental approach to innovation.
  • Explorer. Explorers love to brainstorm possibilities with others and inspire ingenuity and discovery. They are future-focused and are often better at starting ventures than finishing them.
  • Visionary. Visionaries are private, thoughtful, and often counterintuitive. They find long-term, breakthrough solutions to problems and have multi-disciplined and systemic perspectives.
Decision Making Creative Talents
  • Diplomat. Diplomats enjoy organizing people to achieve common goals. They provide caring leadership and build a safe place for sharing ideas. They have a people-focused innovation approach and tend to prefer harmony to conflict.
  • Inventor. Inventors are objective, detached, and private. They provide unusual frameworks that often shift thinking and take a logical, analytical approach to problems and decisions.
  • Pilot. Pilots enjoy working with others while leading projects to achieve goals. They provide new and different strategies and designs. They relish playing devil’s advocate with the team and have a structured, logical approach to innovation.
  • Poet. Poets are supportive and nurturing, and they offer a safe place for testing out ideas. They consider personal values and ideals in questions. They have a people and value-focused approach to innovation. A Personal Creativity Assessment can help you identify the creative talents of your team members, so you can better understand and develop their strengths.

Find all of the creativity and innovation training course materials you need to promote powerful innovation in your organization!

  • Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations - HRDQ
    from $98.99

    Description Innovative leaders are not necessarily technical experts or inherently creative. Instead, they have the skill to foster innovation in others, creating informal and formal...

    from $98.99
  • Breakthrough Creativity Profile - HRDQ
    from $129.99

    Description What are your creative styles? What do you picture when you envision someone creative? Perhaps an artist or inventor? Sure, these people are visibly...

    from $129.99
  • Junkyard Games - HRDQ
    from $29.99

    Innovation at Every Level Whether it's doing more for less, increasing productivity, or reducing costs, innovation is the lifeblood of all successful organizations. Without it,...

    from $29.99
  • Creative Problem Solving Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Overcoming Traditional Thinking Patterns for Better Solutions Having exceptional problem-solving skills can be a significant asset in the workplace, as challenges are crucial to most...

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