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HRDQ-U Webinars

Human Resource Webinars

HRDQ-U offers a vast library of webinars and blog posts to keep learning professionals up to date on the latest soft skill training ideas and resources. Everyone from trainers and facilitators to managers, consultants, and more will benefit from our collection of free resources. See what’s coming up on our calendar of live webinars. Or explore our growing library of pre-recorded webinars.

Workforce Virtual Seminars for Employees

HRDQ-U offers a curriculum of 80+ virtual seminars for training employees in soft skills. Covering topics from leadership to communication, conflict to change, communication to diversity. Each seminar is 3 hours of quality learning your employees can attend on computer, tablet and smart phone. Our experienced and engaging presenters will ensure both attentiveness ratings and learning transfer are high. See what’s coming on our virtual online seminars.

For more information visit HRDQ-U.com