Proposal Guidelines

Are you an author, developer or researcher with a proposal for a great training resource you would like to have published by HRDQ? We're interested in collaborating with you!

We're actively seeking proposals for unpublished works. HRDQ publishes soft-skills learning solutions that improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Our clients include trainers, coaches, facilitators and consultants who look to us for off-the-shelf learning solutions to develop people skills such as leadership, communication, coaching, and team building. We welcome publishing proposals on any soft-skills topic, and in any format that supports facilitated or self-paced learning, with particular interest in assessments, simulations, experiential hands-on games, and facilitated workshop designs.

Please submit a brief summary of your product idea to us by email at with a subject line of Product Proposal. Include a brief description of your proposed product beginning with a description of the type of product you envision, such as training program, assessment, game, or simulation. Describe exactly what issue or need the product addresses, and what it is designed to accomplish and what is it about your treatment of the subject that will make it stand out from similar products in the market. Include any other information you feel will support your proposal such as your background and learning experience, prior publishing activities, or market access.