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HR Training Books

HRDQ HR training books offer engaging titles for every interest level. Leadership skills, performance management, human resources, negotiating, diversity, and workplace behaviors are just a few of the subjects covered by the selection of business management and self-development books available through HRDQ.

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Where Winners Live Like all highly accountable professionals, these authors live Where Winners Live, an achievement they say is available to everyone. Written in a no-excuses tone and filled with personal stories and practical exercises, their book offers readers the non-negotiable, high-performance behaviors of the sales trade and tried-and-true best practices for success.


Business Case for Learning Executives recognize that learning is necessary to meet the challenges of a complex and global economy, to drive change, and to create greater stakeholder value—in short, learning is critical to an organization's present and future prosperity. Unfortunately, there are some persistent concerns within the learning and development community around the importance of learning as well as how and when it should be provided.


Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone In Business-to-Business Relationships Over the Phone, you'll learn how to capture the customer's full attention and generate interest on not only the first call, but also each subsequent one. It also addresses how to move past the undeservedly poor reputation of telephone sales that has emerged over the years as a result of telemarketing.

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The Value Of Training Books

Benjamin Franklin once said, "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Training with books is a great way to learn at your own pace and absorb information in a timely manner. Seventy-six percent of employees are looking for career growth opportunities, according to ClearCompany. Books can help them learn in their own free time. Corporate training books offer in-depth knowledge in a portable format. You can take them wherever you go and use them as needed. They can also be shared with others if you would like to spread the knowledge around.

HRDQ's New Bestseller

One popular title in our collection is the addition to the bestselling HRDQ Style Series, Personality Style for Dummies. This book offers a great way to get a grasp on personality style. This handy reference guide introduces the four personality styles, illustrates how they apply to a wide range of organizational situations, shows readers how to spot someone else's personality style, and offers tips for "flexing" personality style in any situation.

  • Personality Style for Dummies - HRDQ
    from $9.99

    Personality style is the primary force driving human behavior. Knowing its ins and outs sheds light on just about everything employees do, from how they...

    from $9.99
  • The Business Case for Learning - HRDQ

    Executives recognize learning as a necessary element in meeting the challenges of a complex and global economy —not to mention to drive change and to...

  • Energizers Activity Book - HRDQ

    Your participants return from lunch with a sleepy glaze in their eyes. Don't despair - energize them! The icebreakers in the Energizers Activity Book are beneficial at...

  • Choosing and Using Music In Training - HRDQ

    When carefully selected and perfectly timed, music can dramatically enhance any training session; whether you want to: Create a welcoming atmosphere Keep participants energized Enhance...