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Personality Style for Dummies

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A Crash Course in Personality Styles

Personality style is the primary force driving human behavior. Knowing its ins and outs sheds light on just about everything employees do – from how they manage to how they work as part of a team.

Your specific personality style boils down to two fundamental behaviors: assertiveness and expressiveness. These two traits combine in various ways to form the four basic personality styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic.

Discover your team members' unique styles using Personality Style for Dummies. This handy reference guide:

  • Introduces the concepts of the four personality styles.
  • Illustrates how style applies to a wide range of organizational situations.
  • Shows readers how to spot someone else's personality style.
  • Offers tips for "flexing" personality styles in any situation.

Learning Outcomes

Personality Style for Dummies helps readers:

  • Discover and understand one's personality style.
  • Identify the common characteristics of each personality style.
  • Learn the benefits and challenges of each personality style.
  • Understand how to adapt your personality style to interact with others.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Defining Personality Style
Chapter 2: Deciphering Your Personality Style
Chapter 3: Applying the Four Styles in Communication
Chapter 4: Applying the Four Styles in Leading
Chapter 5: Applying the Four Styles in Teaming
Chapter 6: Applying the Four Styles in Selling
Chapter 7: Applying the Four Styles
Chapter 8: Applying the Four Styles in Coaching
Chapter 9: Applying the Four Styles in Learning
Chapter 10: Top Behavioral Clues to Identify Style
Chapter 11: Top Rules for Interacting
Chapter 12: Top Ten Personality Style Tips

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