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Professional Career Development Courses - HRDQ

Career Development Training

Every employee thinks about their own career development as they go through their work life. As a trainer/manager, you have hands-on involvement in the way your employees’ career trajectory shapes up. To ensure employees perform to the best of their ability, you need to get the most out of what they have to offer. Explore our collection of career development online courses and print-based training tools to help improve retention, boost morale, and inspire employees to perform.

Career Development Training Courses

Remarkable Performance Development allows leaders to make significant and important change within the confines of existing systems. Learn ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results.


Onboarding: How to Successfully Integrate New Employees is a training course that helps new hires build a foundation for success from the get-go. At its core is the onboarding model with four overlapping elements: resources, rules, relationships, and roles.


The Happiness Factory uses the analogy of a manufacturing facility for the production of happiness. This workshop is designed to create a fun and stimulating environment to prompt thinking and engagement around the topic of happiness at work.

More about Career Development Training

Supporting Career Development

Project managers and human resources personnel in particular deal with career development frequently. They are the ones who are required to dive into the world of performance and career management for their employees. Helping reports to improve is one of the toughest aspects of being a manager and management in general. That’s where a powerful career development online courses can be valuable. At HRDQ, we provide all the assessments, activities, and workshops you need to support this key business area. You can browse our career development courses, or contact us for assistance in building a custom program to meet your needs.

The Goal of Career Development Courses

The purpose of career development training is to provide professionals the chance to assess and plan their future employment, while also increasing their job-related knowledge and abilities. To find out about career development training courses offered by your workplace, get in touch with your human resources department. You may still acquire the necessary knowledge if your company doesn't provide career development training through HRDQ materials.

Professional development training and ongoing education may introduce both newbies and experienced professionals to new perspectives, reinforce their knowledge, and boost their level of proficiency in a certain industry.

What is Career Development, and How does it Benefit You?

Career development refers to a broad spectrum of specialized training, formal education, and advanced professional training that improves qualifications, professional knowledge, competence, and overall performance in a professional field. It is closely related to professional growth and the development of personal abilities and is often supported by continuing professional education opportunities. People who want to advance to a higher level of leadership are often interested in participating in a leadership development program.

Suppose online career development courses are part of an overall professional development plan or even a personal development plan. In that case, they can help to boost creativity and achieve professional development goals, even if the goal is not to become the CEO of the company. Continuing Professional Development, often known as CPD, is something many people do to develop their careers. It is the practice of identifying the abilities, information, and experiences gained while working, and then measuring, recording, and applying that progress throughout one's career. Professionals can master this process through specific CPD training and CPD courses.

Career Development Training Courses

Develop the professional skills that will enable you to succeed. We provide a variety of programs that enable leaders to make major, meaningful changes within existing systems and help beginners build the foundation for long-term success right from the start.

Our different career development training span a range of subjects, including but not restricted to:

  • Administrative practice and assistance;
  • project administration;
  • Positivity & assertiveness;
  • Efficient planning;
  • Goal-setting;
  • Scheduling skills;
  • Corporate conduct;
  • Delivering constructive criticism;
  • and more!

How Can You Benefit From Taking a Career Development Course

Programs on professional development focus on an employee's current knowledge and skill set while introducing new talents that will enhance their job experience. Among the subjects addressed in a training program for career development are:

  • Writing;
  • Negotiations;
  • Management;
  • Computer security.

We'll help you identify your professional goals with the aid of our career development programs. You will gain knowledge of effective job searching techniques, the entire interview process, and the specifics of newly formed professions. We are prepared to provide you with all the knowledge and abilities you need to learn a new profession and stay in demand on the job market.

Explore the Possibility of a Career in Career Development

Of course, engaging in professional development courses can have a good impact on any career in any industry, if it is done right. However, it should be noted that there is a great need for professionals who can help others in the professional development process. If a student has a solid foundation in career development skills and techniques, he or she can begin an exciting new profession as a career development specialist or career coach. Online courses provide many alternatives for starting or continuing your training. Get started right now; there's no better time than today!

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