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Career Development Training-HRDQ

Career Development Training

Every employee thinks about their own career development as they go through their work life. As a trainer/manager, you have hands-on involvement in the way your employees’ career trajectory shapes up. To ensure employees perform to the best of their ability, you need to get the most out of what they have to offer. Explore our collection of career development training materials to help improve retention, boost morale, and inspire employees to perform.

Featured Products

Remarkable Performance Development allows leaders to make significant and important change within the confines of existing systems. Learn ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results.


Onboarding: How to Successfully Integrate New Employees is a training course that helps new hires build a foundation for success from the get-go. At its core is the onboarding model with four overlapping elements: resources, rules, relationships, and roles.


The Happiness Factory uses the analogy of a manufacturing facility for the production of happiness. This workshop is designed to create a fun and stimulating environment to prompt thinking and engagement around the topic of happiness at work.

More on Career Development
Supporting Career Development

Project managers and human resources personnel in particular deal with career development frequently. They are the ones who are required to dive into the world of performance and career management for their employees. Helping reports to improve is one of the toughest aspects of being a manager and management in general. That’s where a powerful training program can be valuable. At HRDQ, we provide all of the assessments, activities and workshops you need to support this key business area. You can browse our products below, or contact us for assistance in building a custom program to meet your needs.

Identify Career Anchors

There are a few different career areas, called “anchors” that people can focus on when looking at their own development. These areas can help people see what the best type of career path is for them, and what things are non-negotiable:

  • Technical/Functional Competence.
    The ability to apply skills to technology in the workplace.
  • General Managerial Competence.
    Managing and contributing to the organization’s success.
  • Autonomy/Independence.
    The ability to define one’s own work and work independently.
  • Security/Stability.
    Desiring steady employment and decreased uncertainty.
  • Entrepreneurial Creativity.
    Creating an enterprise with innovative thinking and development.
  • Service/Dedication to a Cause.
    The opportunity to pursue work that has meaning and value.
  • Pure Challenge.
    A competitive role that allows solving complex problems.
  • Lifestyle.
    The opportunity to balance work and home life.

These anchors are something that a person does not want to give up in their work life. They tend to evolve and strengthen with adult experience. If a job or career does not allow expression of the anchor, it will show up in hobbies or side jobs instead. It’s an important part of career development.

Build An Effective Training Program

There are specific career development training materials that can help managers and leaders assist their direct reports with their workplace growth and success. These materials range in topics from effective performance reviews, improved work habits, more happiness and satisfaction at work, job challenges, diversity and inclusion, and adaptability. These tools allow managers to evaluate their employees’ strengths and weaknesses with workshops and assessments that contribute to their overall career development and direction.

  • What's My Time Style-HRDQ
    from $5.00

    Identify your time management style Part of HRDQ's best-selling Style Suite, What's My Time Style is a quick and easy-to-use time management style ...

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    from $5.00
  • Choose Happiness at Work | HRDQ
    Original Price $195.00
    Current Price $89.00

    Choose Happiness at Work is a card game consisting of over 50 common workplace scenarios and over 100 science-based solutions. Each scene identifie...

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    Original Price $195.00
    Current Price $89.00
  • The Happiness Factory | HRDQ
    from $38.85

    A growing body of statistical research shows both the tangible and intangible benefits of a positive work environment, from financial gain to bette...

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    from $38.85
  • Career Anchors | HRDQ
    from $76.00

    Do your employees seem stuck in their current career? For almost 50 years, people have turned to Career Anchors. A self-assessment helping employee...

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    from $76.00
  • Onboarding Customizable Course-HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Successfully Integrate New Employees Introductions to company processes and policies are necessary when bringing in a new hire, but it's als...

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    from $599.00