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The Happiness Factory

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A growing body of statistical research shows both the tangible and intangible benefits of a positive work environment, from financial gain to better overall job performance. Though happiness and engagement are often used interchangeably, research tells us there is a clear distinction between the two concepts. In fact, most agree that engagement is a prerequisite to happiness. Without nurturing a greater commitment to the organization, happiness cannot be accessible.

The Happiness Factory takes the concept of a manufacturing facility and uses it as an analogy for the production of happiness. Participants move through a series of factory "stations" including a reception area, break room, factory floor, supervisor's office, and executive suite – each metaphorically representing a facet of the workplace where organizations can foster the conditions that lead to increased levels of engagement (and ultimately, happiness).

How It Works

The Happiness Factory is designed to create a fun and stimulating environment by providing multiple activities in order to prompt thinking and engagement around the topic of happiness at work. The workshop will be completely interactive, offering participants the opportunity to learn independently and in small groups.

Participants will explore the importance of a successful on-boarding experience and build a connection to the organizational culture, which includes creating a better alignment to personal values. They will examine how to redesign tasks, responsibilities, and physical working conditions to support greater job fulfillment and discover the behaviors that supervisors and senior leadership can exhibit to build organizational trust.

Uses and Applications

The Happiness Factory is intended to help participants learn and apply the concepts of happiness at work. The workshop will show how to create a work environment that fosters engaged employees, and, in turn, happy employees who are connected to greater productivity and higher retention rates.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will discover how to:

  • Explore the theory and science of happiness at work
  • Identify facets of the work environment where employee engagement can be positively affected
  • Explore strategies for helping employees to feel connected to the organizational culture
  • Discover techniques for finding fulfillment & enjoyment in responsibilities and working conditions
  • Recognize the supervisory behaviors that have a direct impact on engagement
  • Examine key concepts for building employees' trust and confidence in senior leadership

Product Details

Product Type: Workshop. The Facilitator Guide serves as an in-depth resource, designed to help trainers swiftly administer the workshop.

Target Audience: This workshop is aimed at people who have the desire and authority to influence their environment, colleagues, and the employees they supervise in order to create a happier workplace with more engaged employees.

Measures: The Happiness Factory is designed to measure how participants to learn and apply the concepts of happiness at work.

Dimensions: Happiness, trust-building, communication, and openness at work.

Time Required: Workshop: 5-hours.

What to Order

Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

The Facilitator Guide includes a sample watermarked Workbook as well as digital facilitator support materials including PowerPoint Presentation, Learning Overview, Theory Background, Frequently Asked Questions, and Topic Handouts.

Workbook 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Workbook deepens participants’ understanding of the concepts and ideas in the workshop and allows each participant to practice the skills being learned.

Topic Handouts 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

These handouts are used to enhance the activity and serve as valuable research and statistical information on happiness at work after the workshop has ended.

About the Authors

Kate Ward graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Michigan State University. She has more than 20 years of experience in training development. She worked as manager of curriculum development at CareerTrack, where she authored programs, supervised a team of instructional designers, and facilitated training. She also served as the Senior Instructional Designer at TreeLine Training and was responsible for leading the development of the core skills curriculum library.

Kate is the author of the highly acclaimed Personality Style at Work, as well as the Skills Development for Today's Professionals e-book series. In characteristic Kate Ward style, the series provides no-nonsense, practical information that you can apply in any setting to boost your people skills. Covering key topics, from communication and leadership to problem-solving, decision making, and negotiating, it gives you the organizational skill-sets you need to remain competent, competitive, and confident in the workplace.