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Reproducible Training Library Change Management - HRDQ
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Reproducible Training Library Change Management

Change is a constant in every organization. Knowing how to deal with it makes the difference between a good and bad work experience. Equip your organization with the tools they need to successfully manage change. HRDQ offers customizable training courses to help your team handle everyday changes.
  • Resilience Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough Conflict, change, and stress are a regular part of everyday organizational life. The key to employee...

    from $599.00
  • Transformational Leader Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Inspiring and Motivating Others to Achieve New Levels of Success Transformational leadership is an approach to leading others that causes change in individual and social...

    from $599.00