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Reproducible Training Library Diversity & Inclusion - HRDQ
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Reproducible Training Library Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion training is essential if an organization wants the power of a culturally diverse company. When people from all different backgrounds join together in collaboration, great challenges can be overcome. Now more than ever, diversity training is essential for teams to learn how to communicate effectively across language and cultural barriers. Create a more culturally diverse organization today with HRDQ customizable training materials.
  • Appreciating Diversity Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Fostering a Climate of Inclusion, Sensitivity, and Respect in the Workplace A survey by Korn/Ferry International found that more than 2 million people leave their...

    from $599.00
  • Cultural Competency Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Understand, Appreciate, and Interact in a Globalized Work Environment Diversity is growing in the workplace. As organizations turn to hiring employees from many parts of...

    from $599.00
  • Implicit Bias in the Workplace Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Surface Biases and Foster Greater Objectivity We all hold biases – our brains are naturally wired to establish patterns and associations between information...

    from $599.00
  • Women and Leadership Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Working Through Barriers and Biases Research studies have shown that companies with sustained high representation of women significantly outperformed those with no women board directors....

    from $599.00
  • Millennial Mindset Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Strengthen Commitment by Discovering the Motivational Needs of Millennial Employees More than one in three employees in today's workforce is a Millennial. Just like Boomers...

    from $599.00

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Shirani B. (Trainer)

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I've found that HRDQ provides the most reliable and well-researched training materials out there.

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You've created the best communication assessment tool I can recommend for my clients.

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