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Decision Making Training Materials - HRDQ

Decision Making Training Materials

In today's ultra-competitive work atmosphere, professionals must have great decision making skills. The ability to solve complex problems, extract solutions and simplify them is key in the modern business climate. Because these are continuously evolving skill sets, various tools and resources are required. HRDQ offers effective decision making training activities, assessments and games to strengthen decision making in your organization.

Featured Products

Critical Thinking Fundamentals is a tool designed to help individuals learn and apply higher-level problem-solving skills in a low-risk environment through a number of interactive activities. Participants also learn how to apply a consistent thought process to any situation that requires a resolution or action.


Tall Ships is a highly engaging learning game challenges teams to race against the clock to build the tallest ship mast at the lowest cost. Players learn the skills behind the seven factors that are most critical to team performance: clarity, capability, collaboration, commitment, communication, continuous improvement, and creativity.


Force Field Problem Solving Model helps learners discover a reliable and systematic framework for solving complex problems. Participants learn a five-step process to define problems and create action plans for resolution and to help make their organization more productive.

More about Decision Making Skills
Improve Decision Making with Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are extremely important when it comes to effective decision making. People are frequently in workplace situations where they need to apply critical thinking to solve complex problems. If a person can analyze the problem and come up with an effective solution, success will be achieved.

The Fundamental Skills of Critical Thinking

There are three fundamental skills for engaging in effective critical thinking:

  • Ability to Reason. Applying systematic, logical reasoning to an issue is crucial to spot flaws, mistakes, or inconsistencies in logic or reasoning.
  • Ability to Predict. The ability to identify consequences of any potential conclusion or course of action is crucial—especially negative or unintended consequences.
  • Ability to Evaluate. Assessing the merit of a conclusion by asking questions is an important component of critical thinking.

Applying these three fundamentals will make your critical thinking and decision making skills more effective, leading to many benefits. You will be able to communicate more effectively with teammates, improve customer service strategies, and predict the consequences of new actions or events. These skills are all valuable assets in today’s fast-paced world. To promote these skills in your organization, take advantage of the many decision making training activities and resources available at HRDQ!

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