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25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Activities

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Empower Managers and Elevate Your Organization with these Activities

Every managerial action signifies a meaningful decision. These underlying actions define the effectiveness of the organization. With HRDQ's digital activity collection 25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activitie, you can train managers to improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills through an exciting eight-step training approach. Boost decision-making and problem-solving skills today with 25 hands-on activities designed to enhance managerial effectiveness, and see your teams and organizations thrive.

How It Works

Each activity in the 25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activities focuses on a specific objective and vital area of concern. The experience element engages the individual and gets “beneath the mind." The guide provides a full breakdown of each activity. This collection of activities is available in print or digital download. 

Uses and Applications

Use 25 Problem Solving Decision Making Activities to:

  • Create a climate of experimentation and openness 
  • Locate the structured experience within a total learning design
  • Encourage critical reflection amongst employees

Learning Outcomes

Let our activities guide you in becoming a leader in problem-solving and decision-making for your organization. Participants will be equipped to:

  • Provide a valuable counseling service.
  • Ensure their work environment is well resourced and comfortable.
  • Take charge of decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Build a cohesive team with well-equipped employees.

What to Order

The 25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Digital Version includes the facilitator guide and support materials delivered as a single digital file for a paperless training experience.

About the Authors

Mike Woodcock, DLitt, JP, is a former Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, a former member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, and a former member of the House of Common Select Committee on Trade and Industry. He has had wide experience in management and organization development not only as a consultant and workshop leader but also as chief executive of several successful companies. Dr. Woodcock is the author or co-author of books on organization development, management training, and teamwork.

Dave Francis, DLitt, FIOD, is a strategy consultant specializing in top team development and action learning. He is an advisor to many international companies, and he lectures at several business schools. Dr. Francis is the Principal Change Agent of Richmond Consultants Ltd. He is the author or co-author books on organization development, team building, and personal effectiveness.

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