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Stress Management Online Training Course

The mental and physical reactions to a number of circumstances or a single occurrence at work are referred to as workplace stress. These pressures frequently have a direct connection to your workplace, coworkers, or expectations for your professional conduct. Regardless of their business or job, the majority of people encounter work-related stress in the form of tension or anxiety at least sometimes. Due to different working situations, others go through the stress that is nearly constant.

Stress management training and programs for workplace health can assist in minimizing the severity and effects of stress and replenishing an employee's depleted psychological resources. But you need the right training if you want to learn these methods.

Featured Products

The Happiness Factory is designed to create a fun and stimulating environment by providing multiple activities in order to prompt thinking and engagement around the topic of happiness at work.


Balancing Priorities Customizable Course is a half-day training program that shows individuals how to improve performance through better goal setting, task delegation, organization, and the proper use of technology.


First Aid For Stress Course is a Print & Digital combo, which helps conquer work-related stress and anxiety, and everyday workplace aggravations.

  • Resilience Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough Conflict, change, and stress are a regular part of everyday organizational life. The key to employee...

    from $599.00
  • Balancing Priorities for tasks and expectations Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines, and Expectations Multi-tasking has become a part of our work culture. According to Inc. Magazine, most of us spend...

    from $599.00
  • What's My Time Style - HRDQ
    from $4.99

    Identify your time management style Part of HRDQ's best-selling Style Suite, What's My Time Style is a quick and easy-to-use time management style assessment for...

    from $4.99
  • Leading Others Through Change Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    A Three-Phase Model for Success Organizational shifts can have either a positive or negative experience for those involved – depending on how effectively employees are...

    from $599.00
  • Staying Focused Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    Handling Change and Uncertainty in the Workplace Today's workplace is anything but static and predictable. Organizations are struggling to do more with less as they...

    from $599.00
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    How to Minimize Distractions and Improve Performance Mindfulness is the power to choose your response in any given situation, based on your intrapersonal and interpersonal...

    from $599.00
  • First Aid For Stress - HRDQ

    The word “stress” is on everyone’s lips. We now know from numerous studies that stress affects all people, regardless of role, rank, status, or position...

  • Toughest Supervisor Challenges Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    The Toughest Supervisor Challenges and How to Overcome Them There are no quick fixes to issues like employee performance, personality clashes, and conflict. Successful supervisors...

    from $599.00
  • Time Management Customizable Course - HRDQ
    from $599.00

    A Practical Guide to Balancing Your Time and Bettering Your Life Different workers have different organizational and time management practices – but one that is...

    from $599.00
  • Choose Happiness at Work - HRDQ
    Original Price $195.00
    Current Price $89.00

    Choose Happiness at Work is a card game consisting of over 50 common workplace scenarios and over 100 science-based solutions. Each scene identifies and provides context...

    Original Price $195.00
    Current Price $89.00
  • The Happiness Factory - HRDQ
    from $39.99

    A growing body of statistical research shows both the tangible and intangible benefits of a positive work environment, from financial gain to better overall job...

    from $39.99
  • Black Bear - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    An interactive, team building simulation game Black Bear is a survival simulation team building game that requires participants to work together to rescue their scout...

    from $124.99
  • Zombie Outbreak - HRDQ
    from $19.99

    New virtual version! Zombie Outbreak is a simulation in team decision-making and team synergy. Participants face an impending zombie attack requiring them to work together to make...

    from $19.99
  • Marooned - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    Enjoying a daytime excursion while on a cruise in the South Pacific, a group of passengers sets out to explore a coral island and walk...

    from $124.99
  • Swamped - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    Deep in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a group of friends enjoy a serene paddle across a scenic lake. However, on the second day of...

    from $124.99
  • Whiteout - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    Whiteout is an engaging conflict resolution team building activity for any team, especially those in the midst of conflict. Following the introduction of the survival...

    from $124.99
  • Vacation In the Keys - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    Disaster strikes a group of friends on a charter trip to the Florida Keys when their 43-foot sport-fishing boat suddenly explodes. In the blink of...

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  • Outback - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    One morning, a group of friends decides to take a daring hike in the Australian outback – without a guide. They follow a herd of...

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  • Cave Without A Name - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    It started innocently enough when a group of tourists entered a living cave near the Guadalupe River in Texas. Amazed by the fascinating rock formations...

    from $124.99
  • Beyond the Valley of the Kings - HRDQ
    from $124.99

    Can your team handle the heat? Beyond the Valley of the Kings is a survival training simulation requiring teams to work together to survive being...

    from $124.99
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Stress Management Training Summary

Stress affects everyone. People are always dealing with stress, overload, and the pressure of time constraints in their life. In general, some stress is beneficial since it motivates you to take on difficulties. The body's stress response system is constantly stimulated by excessive persistent stress, though.

An increased risk of numerous mental and physical ailments, including sleeplessness, heart disease, obesity, depression, memory loss, and others, can be brought on by excessive production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

Stress can have an immediate or delayed impact on absenteeism at work. The pressure to do well and be the best in the fields of job, family, and social life also grows stronger with time in this competitive society, shortening the life expectancy of those who struggle with stress.

How can you increase your productivity without sacrificing your physical or emotional well-being?

In the stress management training, you will learn about the detrimental effects of stress on our health with the help of this stress management program. Additionally, you'll discover more practical ways to deal with stress.

This stress management training course will walk you through many tactics, such as modifying your way of living and learning stress-reduction practices. You may create behaviors that promote self-assurance while eradicating anxiety and dread.

You must learn to accept complete responsibility for your feelings, ideas, attitudes, and actions if you want this stress management strategy to be effective.

What You Will Learn on the Stress Management Course

  • Manage stress;
  • Recognize and manage your stress causes;
  • Learn to respond to difficult situations in a proactive manner;
  • Utilize the advice on reducing stress in your work, family, and social life;
  • Learn how to manage stress by making lifestyle adjustments;
  • Create a strategy to reduce and control stress;
  • Recognize the psychological disorders connected to stress;
  • Interpret the stress-related psychological mechanisms;
  • Learn about the main approaches to stress management;
  • Acquire the attitude necessary for relaxing;
  • Recognize the therapeutic benefits of relaxing;
  • Learn about the psychophysiological aspects of stress and anxiety;
  • Learn the fundamentals of breathing exercises to efficiently manage stress.

Organizational Benefits

Here are the organizational advantages of training for stress management:

  • Dealing with several behavioral concerns has been made easier for the company.
  • The employees' physical and emotional well-being has improved.
  • There will be less negativity within the company.
  • Within the company, increased individual production is apparent.
  • The employees' absenteeism has decreased.
  • There is evident contentment and joy throughout the departments.
  • The workers feel accountable for their work.
  • The teams' morale, communication, and comprehension improves.
  • There is evidence of increased staff retention.
  • The company experiences increased client satisfaction.

Personal Advantages

Here are the individual advantages of training for stress management:

  • There is a decrease in individual stress.
  • People are more capable of making decisions.
  • The productivity of daily chores increases, and relationships between family members and friends improve.
  • The importance and balance of everyday activities have risen.
  • People gain a greater understanding of their bodies, minds, and self and support others who are going through stressful times and situations. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it important to manage stress without sacrificing physical or emotional well-being?

Managing stress without sacrificing physical or emotional well-being is crucial because excessive stress can lead to various mental and physical ailments, affecting overall health and quality of life.

What will you learn in the stress management course?

In the stress management course, you will learn how to manage stress effectively, recognize and manage stress causes, respond proactively to difficult situations, reduce stress in different areas of life, make lifestyle adjustments to manage stress, develop strategies for stress reduction, understand psychological disorders associated with stress, learn relaxation techniques, and utilize breathing exercises for stress management.

What are some organizational benefits of stress management training?

The organizational benefits of stress management training include easier management of behavioral concerns, improved physical and emotional well-being of employees, reduced negativity within the company, increased individual productivity, decreased absenteeism, increased contentment and joy across departments, enhanced morale, communication, and comprehension within teams, increased staff retention, and improved client satisfaction.