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Project Management Training Materials - HRDQ

Project Management Training Materials

In terms of organizational efficiency, project management is one of the most important things. Even if you're not a manager in a leadership capacity, it's still a very relevant skill to develop. HRDQ offers many project management training course materials that can help. These assessments and simulations can be provided within a safe environment to build skills that your participants can take with them into their daily work-life.

Featured Products

Project Leadership Assessment is an innovative learning instrument that focuses on building necessary people skills by evaluating behavior in five vital skill areas. It's perfect for those who have project management responsibilities.


Practical Project Management helps employees become effective leaders on projects of any size and scope. The program walks participants through four key stages of project management.


Rocket: The Project Management Game is a competitive team simulation that emphasizes simple, fast, and flexible techniques for tackling everyday projects successfully.

More about Project Management
The Four Stages of a Project

Project management takes place at every organization. Most teams are frequently involved with projects and need to have a clear understanding of how they should work. All projects have four stages:

  • Stage 1: Initiating and defining the project. Decide on the project and define what it needs to achieve.
  • Stage 2: Planning the project. Make sure to map out all areas of the project clearly.
  • Stage 3: Implementing the project. Launch the project and check in frequently to ensure success.
  • Stage 4: Closing and evaluating the project. End the project when it’s finished and reflect on what it accomplished.
Why Projects Succeed or Fail

Projects may fail due to lack of planning, misalignment with business goals, unrealistic and unachievable goals, unrecognized and unaddressed problems, the wrong leader or team, a lack of resources and support, or an unresponsiveness to change.

However, projects can succeed with:

  • A relevant, clearly defined outcome. This is the "why." Consider why you are doing this, why is it needed, and why is it important.
  • Achievable and relevant goals. This is the "what." Consider what do you specifically want to achieve, and what are the timeframes and deadlines.
  • Careful planning. This is the "who." Consider who needs to be involved, who will be able to provide the support and approvals, time and resources needed, and who will be responsible for completing tasks and activities.
  • Clear, ongoing communication among everyone participating in and/or impacted by the project.
  • Careful monitoring to keep the project on track.
  • Responsiveness to problems, issues, and changes that may impact the project goals or the way the project is carried out.

HRDQ’s project management training materials allow your team to learn more about how projects can be planned for success.

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