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Customizable Training Materials - Reproducible Training Library | HRDQ

Customizable Training Materials - Reproducible Training Library | HRDQ

Virtual and classroom instructor-led courses. Download and train today.

The HRDQ Reproducible Training Library includes a full range of customizable training materials so you can easily build your own unique training programs and even a full training course curriculum. The RTL features a collection of 80+ customizable soft-skill programs for virtual or classroom instructor-led training and self-study learning.

Most importantly, the RTL is effective learning.

Courses come ready to use for your next training event. Each course includes instructionally-designed and research-based materials for facilitators and participants. Facilitator guides include step-by-step instructions and are supported by PowerPoint presentations. Training participants receive a Participant Guide with complete content they can use during your training event and back on the job.

The RTL is downloadable, customizable, reproducible, and flexible. 

Course downloads include digital document files for facilitator, participant, and support materials. All files are provided in unlocked Microsoft Office format. You can download, customize, and deliver training today. But you can also tailor a bit by adding your logo or a new course title. And you can completely customize the course by adding your own content or weave content from several courses into a new course. 

However you want to deliver learning, RTL does that.

Each program comes in three versions. Virtual instructor-led training, classroom instructor-led training, and online self-study learning. You can share materials with participants electronically and host a virtual training session using your video meeting platform. You can create print materials and facilitate a traditional in-person classroom training event. And you can provide self-study training on your LMS or provide downloadable PowerPoint courses so learners can complete the training at their own pace.

No matter how you want to deliver training, you'll have the soft-skill training content that meets your needs, you can customize all of the materials, and you can reproduce materials for every participant as needed.

You'll receive up to four new courses plus revisions – FREE

The RTL is constantly growing and improving. During the term of your license, and at no additional cost, you will receive any revisions to the titles you have purchased. And when you purchase the Complete Collection, you'll also receive a minimum of four new programs, one each quarter. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Share participant materials electronically and host virtual training using your video meeting platform.

Classroom Instructor-Led Training

Create print materials and facilitate traditional in-person classroom training.

Online Self-Study Training

Use your LMS or downloadable PowerPoint courses and learners can complete training at their own pace

Six Benefits of the Reproducible Training Library

1. Buy and start training today.

The RTL is provided as a cloud-based resource of digital content available for download with pricing based upon company size. Your purchase includes a one-year unlimited use access license within your organization, and all titles will be provided for download upon completion of your order and registration.

2. A library that's always current.

We're continuing to develop new titles, at least four every year. When you purchase the RTL along with the Updates Program, you'll receive new content and revisions as it becomes available. A future-proof training investment that offers extraordinary value and usability.

3. A complete curriculum.

The RTL allows you to deliver all aspects of soft-skills training in classroom, virtual, or self-study environments. Our continually expanding topic list covers everything from communication to leadership, diversity to engagement, personal development to team building, and much more!

4. Comprehensive materials.

Each title comes with a complete set of customizable training materials including facilitator guides, presentation slide decks, participant guides, and handouts. Every RTL title is provided in a well-organized file format that's simple to understand and easy to use.

5. Fully customizable.

While the RTL is ready to train, we know customization is an important feature for many clients. All titles are provided as standard MS Office files for easy customization. Add your branding, tailor content, or personalize to meet your organization or training objectives.

6. Reproducible content.

When it comes to classroom training materials, the cost of buying individual participant materials from vendors can become a purchasing and shipping hassle. With the RTL, simply print the materials you need to train, or deliver digital files to participants.

Want to learn more about the RTL?

Download an actual sample course, view the full title catalog, or get the details on the benefits of customized courseware.

Follow this link and see for yourself how easy and convenient the Reproducible Training Library can be!
Learn how a California organization saved over a million dollars on staff training by using HRDQ's Reproducible Training Library.

Follow this link to read the full blog post and discover the time-saving financial benefits of the RTL today!

How to purchase the RTL

To make your purchase, select the appropriate subscription for your organization. Your license is determined by your organization's total number of persons employed, not the number of persons you intend to train.

Upon receipt of payment and approval of your license, you will receive an email with links to download your files. All files are provided in unlocked Microsoft Office format. Your download will include files for:

  • Virtual ILT, Classroom ILT, and e-Learning versions
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint e-Learning Course
  • Course Overview
  • Learning Summary
  • Learning Materials
  • Course Evaluation

Annual renewal required for continued use of RTL content

Your subscription license permits unlimited use for one year per the terms of the EULA. Your subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary of your purchase. If you choose not to renew your subscription, all licensed content, including customized versions, must be deleted and all use discontinued.

How to choose the correct RTL license

The RTL may be used with every employee in your organization. For that reason licenses are based upon the organization's total number of persons employed (rather than the number of employees you intend to train).

  • Business License – Organizations with less than 5,000 persons.
  • Corporate License – Organizations with 5,000-10,000 persons.
  • Enterprise License – Organizations with more than 10,000 persons.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

The RTL is intended for use within an organization for the training of its employees. The library may not be distributed, sold, shared, or loaned. By purchasing the RTL, you are agreeing to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Review the terms of this agreement before making your purchase.

The RTL, along with all digital products sold by HRDQ, is not returnable. Read our shopping policies.

Training companies are not eligible for RTL purchases

The RTL may not be purchased by consultants or training providers intending to use the content to train other organizations. Instead, they may direct their clients to subscribe through their unique HRDQ Affiliate Network link and receive a commission on the purchase. And they may also then assist their client in customization and delivery of the content.

Complete Collection License
Starting at $3,999

Your subscription includes:

  • More than 80 half-day programs.
  • Ready-to-train facilitator and participant materials.
  • Virtual ILT, classroom ILT, and online self-study versions of each program.
  • All files delivered in MS Office format for easy customization.
  • One year license including minimum of 4 new programs and all revisions.

Buy the Complete Collection

Single Title License
Starting at $599

Your subscription includes:

  • A half-day program on the subject of your choice.
  • Ready-to-train facilitator and participant materials.
  • Virtual ILT, classroom ILT, and online self-study versions of the program.
  • All files delivered in MS Office format for easy customization
  • One year license including any updates and revisions.

Shop for single titles


Contact us with questions you have about the RTL at 800-633-4533 or

A version history of all title changes.

Our development team is making regular improvements to the RTL. Each quarter we add new titles and revisions to existing titles. View the RTL Version History for historical detail on all changes and updates.

Let's get started!

The Library includes more than 80 courses today. We are adding new titles every quarter. You can purchase single titles to meet a specific training need or purchase the entire library. Most of our clients purchase the Complete Collection and acquire all the courses at a significantly reduced cost per title, plus the next four courses free of charge.