Critical Thinking Fundamentals

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Most people would agree that critical thinking is important and beneficial to demonstrate in the workplace. It is well known that it enables employees to effectively solve problems and make decisions, thereby offering more valuable contributions to their organization. But the act of doing so requires a strong sense of self-awareness and a keen understanding of how to systematically approach situations.

Critical Thinking Fundamentals has been designed to help participants to arrive at more stable, effective solutions and decisions, first by learning how to build the skills that are the foundation of the critical thinking process, including the ability to reason, to predict consequences, and to evaluate the merit of potential conclusions, and second by learning how to apply a consistent thought process to any situation that requires a resolution or action.

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How It Works

Critical Thinking Fundamentals is designed to help individuals learn and apply higher-level problem-solving skills in a low-risk environment through a number of interactive activities.

The program introduces a unique, four-step model to critical thinking built on the premise that effective critical thinking requires the ability to look at a situation from a broad to narrow perspective. Participants are given the opportunity to apply the concept behind this process in a case study.

The program is suited for classroom training. It can serve as a standalone program or be used in conjunction with other training sessions on problem solving or decision making.

Learning Outcomes

    • Establish a common understanding of what critical thinking is.
    • Identify the foundational attitudes and skills of critical thinking.
    • Provide a four-step process for using critical thinking on the job.
    • Recognize and avoid common critical thinking mistakes.
    • Practice new skills in a low-risk environment.

Target Audience

The program is suited for employees at all levels; however, it is most beneficial to those responsible for decisions that affect the larger organization.

Product Details

Workshop at a Glance

  • Module 1: Understanding Critical Thinking
    Introduce the topic and have participants complete a self-assessment.
    Time: 1 hour

  • Module 2: Critical Thinking Fundamentals
    Have participants explore and apply the skills, characteristics, and mistakes of critical thinking in a variety of interactive activities.
    Time: 2 hours
  • Module 3: The Critical Thinking Process
    Introduce the critical thinking model and have participants practice its application.
    Time: 3 hours 40 minutes
  • Module 4: Development Planning
    Have participants reflect on what they've learned and create an action plan for applying critical thinking to their jobs.
    Time: 20 minutes
  • Module 5: Putting It All Together
    Revisit key learning points about critical thinking.
    Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 7 hours 10 minutes

What do I order?

  • Starter Kit: Order one kit to train up to 5 participants.
    Includes the Facilitator Guide and a 5-Pack of Workbooks.

  •  Facilitator Guide w/Downloadable Support Materials: Order one per trainer. 
    The facilitator guide includes everything you need to lead a successful workshop in a convenient 3-ring binder format.

    Digital Facilitator Support Materials include: PowerPoint Presentation, Learning Overview, Theory Background, Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), Handout. (Note: Once you place an order, you will receive an email with a link and instructions for downloading/accessing the digital files.)

  • Print Workbook: Order one per individual or participant.
    The saddle-stitched print workbook offers learners all the information they'll need to participate in the workshop.

About the Author

Kate Ward graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Michigan State University. She has more than 20 years of experience in training development. She worked as manager of curriculum development at CareerTrack, where she authored programs, supervised a team of instructional designers, and facilitated training. She also served as the Senior Instructional Designer at TreeLine Training and was responsible for leading the development of the core skills curriculum library. Kate is the author of the highly acclaimed Personality Style at Work, as well as the Skills Development for Today's Professionals e-book series.