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Online Assessment Center Selling Skills

In today’s workforce, it is essential for your sales team to have the skills necessary to develop business and cultivate relationships. Knowing your selling style along with learning to improve your selling skills is crucial for success in the sales world.

Our online assessments are managed and delivered through the HRDQ Assessment Center. Contact us for access to an administrator account and begin delivering assessments to your learners today.

  • Negotiating Style Profile - HRDQ
    from $31.99

    Description Everyone should have good negotiation skills; they enable people to navigate conflict, make agreements, build strong relationships, and more. And yet, it can be...

    from $31.99
  • What's My Selling Style - HRDQ
    from $5.99

    Description What makes one salesperson successful and another unsuccessful? Popular books target characteristics such as ambition, initiative, self-confidence, tact, etc. The common thread? Personality! Whether or...

    from $5.99