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Bridging the Communication Divide

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Communication Training Game: Navigate Personality Styles for Effective Collaboration

Have you ever wondered why it's so easy to work with some people yet so painful to collaborate with others? Well, it has just about everything to do with personality style. It's the main reason some people can establish immediate rapport, and it can be the root cause of conflict, too. Now there's a fun and effective solution that will clear the road to effective communication.

Bridging the Communication Divide is a hands-on communication training game that explores the impact personality style has on everyday interactions. This educational game provides an easy-to-apply model for better interactions. Say goodbye to conflicts and hello to effective communication with this fun and effective solution.

How It Works

Bridging the Communication Divide is a 3.5-hour experiential learning experience for two or four teams of four to six participants each. Most materials are reusable; additional participant workbooks and game packs are available for individual purchase.

Teams debrief after their first attempt at building the bridge, recognizing that certain behaviors made the task difficult to complete. Before they are asked to make a second go at building the bridge, they are introduced to the HRDQ Style Model and its four personality styles:

  1. Direct
  2. Spirited
  3. Considerate
  4. Systematic

Participants will discover their strengths and trouble spots associated with each style and discover how they can “flex” their behavior to improve interactions. Now with new skills in their pockets, they attempt the exercise yet again, this time with much greater potential for success. You’ll be amazed at the marked difference in communication between parts one and two of the game.

Uses and Applications

Not your ordinary communication training program, this adventurous role-play game lifts participants out of their everyday, four-walled environment and immerses them in a powerful combination of learning and practice. There isn't a better tool for exploring – or experiencing – personality style and how it shapes the way people interact.

From identifying "Who am I?" and learning the ins and outs of personality to discovering how to flex your style and building an action plan for improvement, Bridging the Communication Divide is full-distance learning. As a trainer, you will witness an amazing transformation happen between parts one and two!

Learning Outcomes

Gain insight into how your style is perceived by others, and learn how to adapt your style to enhance communication. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the four principle communication styles.
  • Recognize each style's strengths and trouble spots.
  • Know how communication styles are perceived by others.
  • Discover how to flex one's style to better communicate with others.
  • Maximize your effectiveness by understanding the four principle communication styles.
  • Identify each style's strengths and trouble spots to improve your interactions with others.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Game
  • Target Audience: Individuals at any level
  • Measures: The principal communication style that participants need to successfully work as a team
  • Dimensions: The four styles of communication:
    • Direct
    • Spirited
    • Considerate
    • Systematic
  • Time Required: 3.5 hours

What to Order

Complete Game Kit

Order one kit for up to 24 participants and one trainer. The complete game kit includes a comprehensive facilitator guide, reusable game parts, facilitator support materials, and an initial supply of 24 participant workbooks.

Workbook 5-Pack

Order one pack for up to five participants. Used in tandem with the role-playing game, the workbook supports classroom learning and serves as a handy post-training resource for participants.

Extra Game Pack

Contains the components to create one additional bridge. The extra game pack includes reusable parts for an additional bridge.

About the Author

The HRDQ Development Team creates soft-skills learning solutions that help to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. At HRDQ, we believe an experiential approach is the best catalyst for adult learning. Our unique Experiential Learning Model has been the core of what we do for more than 40 years. Combining the best of organizational learning theory and proven facilitation methods with an appreciation for adult learning styles. Our philosophy initiates and inspires lasting change.

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