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Delegating for Growth Instructor-Led Training

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Master the Art of Delegation

Delegation is more than assigning work to someone else. Often, it is about entrusting responsibility and accountability. By delegating tasks, a manager is handing a little bit of authority over to his or her subordinate, while at the same time keeping responsibility for the completion of the task. Delegating is an opportune way to challenge a subordinate employee or prime them for more expansive duties.

However, deciding what and when to delegate can be a delicate matter. A Time Management Practitioner Consensus Survey found that close to half of the 332 companies surveyed were concerned about their employees’ delegation skills. At the same time, only 28% of those companies offered any training on the topic.

In this class, you will discover how to decide what to delegate, match people with projects, clearly articulate desired outcomes, identify boundaries, and anticipate problems. As a result, you will improve the quality of work by allowing the employees who have direct knowledge to complete tasks, create personal accountability, motivate employees, have more flexibility in assignments, and increase productivity. This three-hour program offers workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, real-life scenarios, practice activities, and more.

Key Topics of the Delegating for Growth Course

  • Characteristics of positive delegation and barriers to delegation
  • How to decide what to delegate
  • Employee analysis for better task matching
  • Clarifying consequences of achievement/non-achievement
  • Levels of discretion and autonomy
  • Establishing communication expectations
  • Letting employees make and learn from mistakes

Participants Will Learn

  • How to recognize delegation as a tool for employee growth.
  • How to prepare yourself to delegate effectively.
  • How to assess your employees to determine their delegation needs.
  • How to match employees and projects appropriately.
  • How to identify barriers to delegation and overcome them.
  • How to apply the steps to delegating effectively.
  • How to handle mistakes, missteps, and failures as learning opportunities.

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