Employee Engagement Customizable Course

Employee Engagement Customizable Course

Every organization wants their employees to be engaged. Engaged workers are happier, remain with an organization for longer, and produce better work. But truly engaged employees are hard to come by. A Towers Watson Global Workforce Study found that only about one-third of the global workforce is highly engaged, leaving the remaining two-thirds less engaged or not engaged or not engaged at all.

Employee Engagement can help produce more satisfied employees. This training course introduces leaders and managers to the tools and techniques for ensuring employees feel valued and supported in their day-to-day responsibilities. The program is organized into four distinct categories or strategies for employee engagement with self-assessments, interactive activities, and practical knowledge for becoming an effective and influential leader.

  • Overview
  • Resources

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the importance of knowing every worker as a unique individual
  • Identify each employee's strengths and how to leverage them in the workplace
  • Create a career path and meaningful work for each employee
  • Foster an environment where workers are able to share feelings
  • Show appreciation and recognition in a way that is meaningful to each employee

Program Contents:

  • Know – Know your employees as individuals and look at their unique strengths
  • Show – Show your employees your support by giving them the resources they need to do their jobs well
  • Grow – Give your employees the right amount of attention and feedback to help them develop their skills
  • Crow – Share information, recognize, and appreciate all employees for their contributions

Included in the download:

  • A complete courseware package for a 4-hour classroom training event.
  • Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Course Overview, Learning Summary, Learning Materials, Action Plan, and Course Evaluation.
  • Supplemental Self-Study PowerPoint Course

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