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Virtual Soft Skills Training Library from HRDQ: Introducing RTL - HRDQ

Virtual Soft Skills Training Library from HRDQ: Introducing RTL

Hard skills are certainly necessary for any job, but soft skills are just as important in helping your team run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to HRDQ’s Reproducible Training Library (RTL). This virtual soft skills training library is fully customizable, allowing you to curate specialized content for your team no matter where they are. Learn more and start improving your employees today!

Explore the HRDQ Reproducible Training Library

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

First, it’s important to understand the difference between hard skills and soft skills:

  • Hard skills are abilities that are measurable and teachable. For example, some hard skills may include critical reading, mathematics, and writing.
  • Soft skills are traits that make someone a great employee, such as problem-solving, communication and listening skills, and leadership skills—the list goes on! As you might imagine, these can be more difficult to measure. But with the help of our virtual soft skills training library, you will be able to better assess and cultivate these important features in your team members.

Benefits of Soft Skills Training

Improving your employees’ soft skills is crucial for business success. The following are some of the top benefits companies have seen in utilizing soft skills training:

  • Improve Employee Retention. When you invest in improving your employees and are committed to their growth, you can show that they have value and potential within the company.
  • Boost Productivity. Certain soft skills such as decision-making and problem-solving help complex issues get resolved more quickly, hence increasing productivity.
  • Strengthen Teamwork. Soft skills training helps your team better resolve internal conflicts and identify areas of improvement to work together smoothly and efficiently.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction. You will likely see improved customer satisfaction after employing soft skills training, as it gives team members the tools to properly communicate with clients and attentively listen to their needs.
  • Increase Sales. The combination of the above points equates to an increase in sales for your business! When all aspects of your company run effectively, you will likely see more profit.

What’s Included in HRDQ’s Reproducible Training Library?

We have everything you need to start virtually training your employees in integral soft skills:

Order The Complete Collection, Or Just What You Need

You can either choose to gain access to the Complete Collection of the RTL, or simply select Single Titles for training. Every title is completely customizable, allowing you to brand them with your company’s logo and adjust content to meet your team’s needs.

Materials to Assist Facilitators

You’ll receive a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to use for the training session, and you’ll also get access to a step-by-step facilitator guide. The guide includes everything you need to know to deliver a great presentation. But if you feel that you need further assistance, HRDQ also offers training consulting services. Our seasoned experts can help train you or your facilitator—and we can even deliver expert training sessions on your behalf.

Workbooks & Other Supporting Materials

The RTL also provides you with participant workbooks, support materials, and a supplemental PowerPoint-based online learning kit. These items will help your employees stay engaged throughout the lesson, improve retention, and allow participants to practice the soft skills they’re learning. Participants get to keep these materials, so that they can refer back to them whenever they need to.

Convenient Online Access

With your purchase, you’ll receive a download link that provides instant access to all of these materials to get you started with your soft skills training!

Explore the Reproducible Training Library

The Importance of Customization

The ability to customize materials in the RTL soft skills training library is a huge advantage over providing standard training content. Here are just a few reasons to customize your training courses:

  • Provide specialized instruction. You can customize materials to match the services you provide, making them more relevant.
  • Create a better work environment. When content is personalized, you can better set participants up for success throughout the course and in their careers.
  • Account for different learning styles. It’s no secret that different people learn in different ways. Tailored content helps you create a training program that meets your participants’ unique learning needs.
  • Attract new talent. Having personalized training that provides employees with valuable skills is a huge selling point for candidates.
  • Improve skill assessments. Creating tailored skills assessments will better help you determine the optimal way to train your employees for success.
  • Meet evolving needs. All businesses change in some capacity. As company procedures and needs evolve, so can your content.
  • Develop training objectives. Customization allows you to create job and training objectives that are relevant to improving employees’ skills in a specific team or field.

As you can see, the ability to customize any title within the Reproducible Training Library makes it stand out as a top training tool for your business! For further assistance designing your training program, read our blog post on How to Design an Effective Virtual Training Program for Employees.

Get Started with HRDQ Today

The Reproducible Training Library, the virtual soft skills training library from HRDQ, is the perfect tool for assessing and developing your team’s soft skills in a way that’s easy to distribute, track, and organize. Explore our available titles to find the best training content for your team.

Explore the Reproducible Training Library

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