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HRDQ will be closed on Friday (5/24) and Monday (5/27) for Memorial Day

Exploring Personal Styles

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Engaging Activities to Explore Personal Style

Exploring Personal Styles (EPS) helps participants discover and appreciate their differences. Each activity is focused on face-to-face discussions and interactions from the very moment the workshop begins. The activities focus on the dimensions of the Jungian typology: Introversion and Extraversion, Sensing and Intuiting, Feeling and Thinking, Judging and Perceiving. Generate compelling group discussions and insight into the unique qualities of each personality style with this collection of fun and fast-paced activities.

How It Works

Exploring Personal Styles provides over 30 training activities ranging from one to five hours in length. Each exercise includes extensive guidelines that help you choose the workshop perfect for your audience.

Workshop Objectives

  • Icebreaker I: Draw a Picture of Your Style
  • Icebreaker II: Style Strengths Needed in My Position
  • Reviewing Scores and Styles
  • Listening/Understanding and Explaining/Answering
  • How People with Different Styles React to Situations
  • How Managers with Different Styles React to Situations and much more

Uses and Applications

The Exploring Personal Styles collection is a compelling way to emphasize the four personality styles: Considerate, Spirited, Direct, and Systematic. Using a variety of workshop designs, the EPS works within any timeframe and is particularly useful when partnered with the Personal Style Inventory.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of these workshops, participants will:

  • Understand new ways of approaching and dealing with others.
  • Know how to capitalize on individual and other team members' strengths.
  • Be able to identify the real sources of their irritation with different personality types.
  • Know how to recognize and curb the temptation to judge or criticize.

What to Order

Exploring Personal Styles Print & Digital Combo

This includes the facilitator guide in a convenient 3-ring binder format along with the Digital Version. The digital materials will be delivered upon purchase.

Exploring Personal Styles Digital Version

This includes the facilitator guide and support materials delivered as a single digital file for a paperless training experience.

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