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Make every training session an exhilarating and meaningful exercise with Just My Type. A fun, dynamic card game based on Jung’s four personality types:

  • Extraversion/introversion
  • Sensing/intuition
  • Thinking/feeling
  • Judging/perceiving

Just My Type also offers participants the opportunity to discuss how behavior preferences impact their relationships with others. They then use these tips to discover how they can work together more effectively.

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How It Works

Cards are divided into four "suits," representing the four personality dimensions. For example, a "thinking card" might contain the word "logical." Players are randomly dealt several cards from each suit.

To fashion a hand that best captures their personality style, players trade and discuss cards. After the game, participant workbooks provide an overview of personality types, short activities, and instructions for generating and discussing an optional team profile.

Uses and Applications

The primary objective of Just My Type is to provide trainers with a fast and fun method for learning how behavior impacts employee relationships. Playing the game provides an opportunity to discuss each preference so teams can work more effectively and productively.

Use Just My Type:

  • As an ice breaker or introduction to any workshop
  • To provide a quick and effective introduction to personality type theory
  • As a highly educational and experiential activity within a workshop
  • To develop team cohesiveness through awareness and acceptance of individual preferences

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Discover one's personal style
  • Understand differences in behavior preferences
  • Identify behavior strengths and blind spots
  • Build acceptance and understanding towards different behavior preferences

Product Details

Product Type: Game. The Facilitator Guide is an in-depth resource designed to help trainers swiftly administer the assessment.

Target Audience: This assessment is appropriate for individuals at any organizational level who want to discover more about their communication preferences.

Measures: How behavior preferences impact productivity and team synergy.

Dimensions: Communication, expressiveness, and assertiveness.

Time Required: 1.5 hours.

What to Order

Complete Game: Order One Complete Game to Train Up to 16 Participants.

The Complete Game includes four decks of cards (192 cards in total), 16 Participant Workbooks, 16 Tent Cards, and a Facilitator Guide.

Participant Guide 5-Pack: Order One Pack for Up to Five Participants.

The Participant Guide includes an in-depth breakdown of the game, pressure-sensitive scoring, background information, team worksheets, and action planning.

Extra Game Pack: Order One Extra Game Pack to Train Up to 16 Additional Participants.

The Extra Game Pack includes an additional pack of Participant Workbooks, Tent Cards, and a Facilitator Guide.

Extra Cards: Order One Extra Game to Train Up to 16 Additional Participants.

Includes an additional set of the four game decks each composed of 48 style cards.

About the Authors

John Taylor is the managing director for OCTAVE Consulting Ltd. He also has fellowship at the Institute of Personnel and Development, is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, and is also a member of the Institute of Directors.