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Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit

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Designed by evaluation expert Donald Kirkpatrick, the Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit provides the resources you need to evaluate training outcomes, analyze, and communicate your results, and make those results work for you.

How It Works

The Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit provides participants with a comprehensive overview of Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation:

  1. Reaction: How trainees react to learning immediately after completing the assessment. Did they enjoy your training session? Did they find it useful?
  2. Learning : How much did trainees learn? Have they retained the key points addressed in the material?
  3. Behavior : How did your trainees change their behavior to implement what they learned? What challenges did they face? Was what they learned useful to them in the real world?
  4. Results : What were the results for your organization? What was the cost-benefit ratio? This level addresses five areas: people, products, processes, profits, and overall impact.

All four levels are interconnected, and understanding each provides a better picture of the full value of the training.

The Toolkit then shows you how to identify stakeholders, tailor a compelling message, and choose the best channels to market findings. You will also receive a CD with a presentation template and customizable reports.

Uses and Applications

Use the Kirkpatrick Express Evaluation Toolkit to help

  • Determine if learning objectives have been achieved.
  • Identify a program’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Uncover how to market the value of training.
  • Ascertain the cost-benefit ratio associated with any training program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will discover

  • Why evaluation is essential.
  • The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model.
  • How to analyze their results.
  • The best way to communicate their results.

Product Details

Product Type: Workshop. The Facilitator Guide includes everything you need to lead a successful training session.

Target Audience: Training professionals.

Measures: How effective your training programs are compared to expectations.

Dimensions: Analyzing, communicating, and team-building skills.

Time Required: One hour.

What to Order

Kirkpatrick Toolkit: Order One Toolkit per Trainer

The Toolkit helps you pinpoint the strengths and opportunities for improvement in your training sessions. It provides tips on how to customize and refine your evaluation questions, get the best response, and analyze your results.

  • The Print & Digital Combo includes the facilitator guide in a convenient 3-ring binder format along with the Digital Version. The digital materials will be delivered upon purchase.
  • The Digital Version includes the facilitator guide and support materials delivered as a single digital file for a paperless training experience.

About the Authors

Donald Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., is professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and the creator of the four levels for evaluating training programs. He is the author of numerous books, including Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels, Transferring Learning to Behavior: Using the Four Levels to Improve Performance, Implementing the Four Levels, and Managing Change Effectively.

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Travis L. Russ, Ph.D., is an associate professor of communications in the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. His research explores the intersections between organizational communication, learning, and change. He also offers consulting services to companies and educational organizations on learning evaluation, business communication, organizational change, and diversity.