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Leadership 101 Instructor-Led Training

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Leadership Essentials: Empowering Leaders for Success

Being a leader inherently implies having a lot of responsibility. What that responsibility is can vary among leadership roles, but there are some universal ways to be a leader. Enthusiasm, having a vision, problem solving, promoting teamwork, and delegating tasks are all forms of leadership but may not come naturally to every leader. When a leader is not up to shape, it reflects on the organization or team as a whole.

For instance, a poll by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University reported that 70% of Americans blame the leadership crisis as a factor in the national economic decline. A Deloitte survey showed that top American executives and a majority of CXOs (52%) and CXOWs (59%) do not think that their direct reports have the skills to assume greater leadership roles in the organization.

This course will give you the leadership essentials you need to hone your skills as a leader. You'll learn everything from earning trust and respect to leading through crisis and creating a vision to share. As a result, you will have more confidence in your ability to lead, will inspire a more collaborative work environment, and will be able to lead through any situation.

Key Topics of the Leadership 101 Training

  • How to have and share a vision
  • How to set expectations, communicate effectively, and be trustworthy
  • Methods of building confidence in your employees
  • Pitfalls to avoid such as lack of transparency, neglect, and unwillingness to change or innovate
  • How to influence others and promote teamwork
  • How to be a leader during a crisis

Participants Will Learn

  • What the key characteristics of leaders are.
  • How to build trust and confidence with employees.
  • What behaviors undermine leadership.
  • How to promote teamwork and esprit de corps.
  • How to act decisively.
  • How to demonstrate leadership in a crisis.

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