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Leading Others Through Change Instructor-Led Training

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The Tips You Need to Ensure Change Is a Success in Your Organization

Although we may not always like it, change is constant, and it’s most likely present in every aspect of your life. This extends to the business world as organizations have to adapt to meet market demands, new technologies, and more. With today’s rapidly changing business landscape, change has become the norm in all organizations. The frequency and pace at which leaders must ask employees to change course or adapt to new systems and initiatives continues to accelerate. This can leave employees feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

Change can be antagonistic, undesirable, and perilous, but it can also be pleasant, welcomed, and exciting. How change is received is up to the leader; it is a leader’s job to identify the positive prospects and communicate the opportunity that change brings to the organization.

Successfully leading others through change requires thoughtful planning and innovative options. Leading Others Through Change guides leaders through the phases of change and what's required of them to ensure that the change is well received and implemented successfully while minimizing obstacles and employee concerns.

Key Topics

  • The three phases of the ACT model that help to guide specific steps in leading the change effort.
  • Tactics for communicating the vision and goals of your organization's change initiative.
  • How to assess your organization’s environment to determine its readiness for change.
  • Increasing employee commitment and motivation for the change by establishing good communication skills.
  • Identifying common reasons for resistance and how to manage them at all levels.
  • Organizing the change effort by designing the implementation and completing a RACI chart.
  • Making the change a lasting part of the culture.
  • How to evaluate the impact and process of the current initiative to plan for the success of future change efforts.

Participants Will Learn

  • Why change initiatives fail and how to ensure their success.
  • How to implement a framework to actively lead change efforts.
  • To plan for the success of future change through close evaluation of the current initiative.
  • To identify, acknowledge, and manage resistance to ensure an efficient transition.
  • How to apply techniques for increasing and gaining commitment to the change.

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