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Listening with Intent Instructor-Led Course

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Who would you consider a great listener? What sets them apart from an average listener? You might say they show a sincere desire to understand what you have to say, they have an open mind, willing to have their assumptions and conclusions about your message corrected. These are all the signs of an active listener. It is someone who seeks to learn something new and because of that, remains fully engaged in the conversation.

This program teaches you how to master the skills of active listening, so that you can produce important benefits for your team and your organization like minimizing misunderstandings, encouraging open communication, and increasing cooperation and collaborative problem solving (We recommend problem solving skill training).

Key Topics:

  • How to collect information by asking appropriate follow-up questions and paying attention to the context of the message
  • How to reach an unbiased conclusion about what you have learned
  • Recognizing "faux listening" responses that signal the absence of active listening
  • Understanding common situations that block active listening
  • The differences in how men and women engage in active listening
  • How to appropriately share and receive negative information or bad news

Participants Will Learn:

  • Explore the process of active listening.
  • Recognize common situations that block active listening.
  • Identify personal filters that create obstacles to active listening.
  • Understand cultural differences that form barriers to active listening.
  • Discover ways to practice active listening in a conflict.
  • Implement steps to regain the listener’s attention when it has drifted away.

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