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Managing Offsite Employees Instructor-Led Training

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Many businesses worldwide have shifted towards working remotely, making learning effective strategies for managing remote teams vital. While remote work can boost employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates, managing remote teams requires more than just technology – it demands a strategic approach. It involves aligning talents with suitable roles, developing new skill sets, and providing essential resources. Additionally, the manager's skills significantly influence the team's success. They must communicate effectively, foster unity, encourage collaboration, and build trust, all while working remotely. 

Developing your remote team management skills can have numerous advantages, including streamlining recruitment, selection, and retention procedures, as well as fostering a successful and productive team environment. By doing so, you'll be able to prevent expensive and time-consuming issues and help your team achieve its objectives. As noted by Dave Ross, co-founder of The Vaya Group, an enterprise solutions firm: "Skillful managers of remote employees can build camaraderie, create a more positive work environment, and encourage stronger business performance regardless of distance."

What Is Covered in This Course?

This training course, led by an instructor, aims to teach managers of remote teams how to achieve success for both themselves and their employees. The three-hour session includes workplace tips, self-assessment exercises, practical scenarios, and practice activities.

Key Topics:

  • Professional, personal, and financial advantages of an offsite working relationship
  • Core characteristics and abilities of successful remote workers and their managers
  • Categories and examples of jobs that require employees’ presence onsite
  • Must-have equipment and technologies for remote workers to do their jobs well
  • How to establish mutual trust with offsite employees and keep them in the loop
  • How to thoroughly prepare employees to work remotely and set them up for success
  • Warning signs of an unproductive offsite worker and how to deal with this situation
  • Common challenges faced in managing remote teams and strategies to overcome them

Participants Will Learn:

  • How offsite working relationships can benefit employees, managers, and organizations
  • What the challenges of managing remote teams are, and how to overcome them
  • To identify the tools and resources necessary for offsite employees to be effective
  • How to develop strategies to overcome common issues associated with managing remote teams
  • The best practices for the successful management of offsite employees

Are you ready to transform your remote team management capabilities?

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